Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Our Eyes

The beauty of a doll is all in the eye of the beholder. For us at Dolldom there are dolls that possess a special attraction, one that may be due to their relative beauty and also to their role and place in the history of society and it's evolution.

In this portfolio, also published in the current issue of UFDC's Doll News, Dolldom looks at the beauty of dolls meant to convey the idea of belonging to a dark-skinned phenotype. Some have original sculpts other simply recycle the ones created for light pigmentation dolls.

All doll collection reflects the hopes and dreams of its creator and Dolldom's utopian perspective is beautifully diverse.

Bronze Goddess Esmé, circa 2003, poses with her beau Russell Williams who wears the classic Shall We Dance, circa 2004, from Basil St. John’s line by Effanbee. Dressed doll Esmé and Russell are by Tonner Doll Company.

Two OOAK hard plastic Lilli Lalka dolls, circa 2012 and hand customized by artist and creator Julian Kalinowski, wear fantastic fashions by Retros by Liz Cole.

Sugared Plum Vivette, circa 2007, by DAE Originals wears her original jewelry and lingerie under Barbie Fashion Model Collection’s Black Enchantment.

Tiny Kitty Collier’s friend Dottie, circa 2005, models jewels by Vince Tivabido for VJT Designs. Tiny Kitty and Dottie by Tonner Doll Company.

Dim Dam Dom Tzulli by BillyBoy* and Lala, circa 1995, is a handmade porcelain doll and limited to an edition of 25 dolls. Tzulli is Dheei’s teenage sister

Techno D.J. Jobii, circa 1999, is the brother of Tzulli and Dheei. A beautiful rendition in porcelain by BillyBoy* and Lala, the doll was handmade in France.

Porcelain Sailor Pizza Party Zhdrick, circa 1996, wears Biker Boy, circa 1993 and made for the earlier resin versions of Mdvanii’s male lover Rhogit-Rhogit and their friend Zhdrick. Doll and fashion by BillyBoy* and Lala.

Mel Odom’s Sunset Serenade Violet Waters, circa 2009, produced by Integrity Toys wears her friend’s Zita Charles Hostess With the Mostest ensemble and jewelry by Joy Jarred.

Sunday Best Fashion Model Collection Silkstone Barbie doll, circa 2003, dons fabulous couture by James Bogue.

Mattel’s groundbreaking dolls pose together. Black Francie, circa 1967, came before the beautiful Julia, circa 1969, based on the Diahann Carrol television character.

Resin Dheei, crica 1991, is Mdvanii’s best friend. Dheei’s family is composed of adult brother Zhdrick and teenage brother and sister Jobii and Tzulli. Dheei wears an Alexandre de Paris human hair wig made by Bravot and a Liberty of London print dress.


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  2. Amazing photos and amazing models! I saw this post on Doll Passion Culture Club on FB.

  3. Hello from Spain: these pictures are very cool. The dolls are awesome. I like their outfits. We keep in touch.