Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ghosts and Ghouls and Everyone Else

Halloween! It's finally time to enjoy once again Dolldom's favorite holiday. For what is not to like in a vintage Halloween celebration? On a brisk and starry October eve, young and old enjoy going bump in the dark wearing their very best disguises and going door-to-door asking for sugar and corn syrup. But health concerns aside, Halloween is the quintessential American celebration and even in today's guts and blood reality, Halloween still gives us all an opportunity to nurture the idea the witches can fly on brooms and ghosts can haunt our dwellings.

Viktor Dreary spooks them all in his The Fly costume by Liz Cole

Gay Carrington was the original choice for Morticia. But a movie deal in Italy robbed the world of this treat.

Gay Carrington is no penitent soul. She just poses that way to amuse her little friends. Dress by Liz Cole.

Agnes Dreary is ready for her sugar-induced comma. She has a new and very beautiful bag inspired by Enid Collins and made by Liz Cole for Retros. Her hat is by Peggy Feltrope.

Gay Treats! Miss Carrington plays with available children. Her dress is by Retros. Her unforgettable necklace is by Joy Jarred.

Agnes Dreary floats around in her ghost costume by Our Sweet Creations.

Betsy McCall by Robert Tonner wears her Wednesday dress by Liz Cole for Retros. What a darling little girl. But is she?

A Premier Bleuette reproduction by Suzanne McBryer wears a fantastic déguisement by Liz Cole for Retros. Her wig is by Bravot.

Blythe wears an elaborate clown costume by Sara Lanzillotta for Devout Dolls.

Even Ellowyne Wilde partakes of the spooky fun in Woefully Bewitching.

Daisy by Korean artist Jung Hee Park wears Betsy McCall's Wicked With of the West ensemble by Tonner Doll Company.

Tiny Betsy has fun with her neighbors in her Grins and Giggles costume by Effanbee Doll Company.

A Hong Kong mini Ken doll plays Invisible Man in his Retros get-up. But the attention he is getting from his seven and a half inch friends tells us something about the power of red satin to make you be noticed.

Double trouble. Ivy Jordan is scared out her wits by Agnes Dreary and her devil toy. Ivy's fashion by Liz Cole. Her necklace by Joy Jarred.

Two Blythe dolls enjoy being sisters in Sara Lanzillotta's I Will Never Leave You fashion.

In perfect Edgar Allan Poe's Count of Monte Cristo fashion, Viktor Dreary closes the night in his Forlorn Photo Day fashion.

Have a frightfully fantastic Halloween!


  1. Ooo. Daisy gets all of my candy!
    Lovely photos all though!

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations for posting this entry on Halloween. Your dolls and accessories are very suitable for this celebration terrifying. You make a great creative work. The photos are gorgeous. We keep in touch.

  3. Thank you Ayik! Gracias, Marta!