Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mode de M by Mark G. Harris

For a while, we at Dolldom have been touting the talents of our friend, designer Mark G. Harris. His love of classically designed and tailored clothes has made him the man to go to when the occasion calls for drop-dead glamour. Mark's eye for color, fit, and above all embroidery and beading make his dresses, coats, gowns and jewelry undeniable heirlooms. These are the real deal, ladies and gentlemen, fashions for the ages, wonders to amaze you and to give your ladies the chic and cachet that can only come from talent and soul. And Mr. Harris is gifted with a gargantuan talent and an equally gigantic heart. 
It is not surprising that Soraya decided to accept an offer to model one of his most recent creations: Ciel d' été. Ciel d'été (Summer Sky) is a silk wonder in soft periwinkle blue with an undertone of garnet threads, beaded to leave everyone breathless. While Soraya was proud of her silk caramel fashion, also beaded with abandon in Paris, she was immediately captivated (and some of us think liberated) by the soft and breezy blue gown.
Paired with her pink chiffon veil, silver lamé gloves, and a Mode de M gemstone necklace, Soraya went from adored beauty to grand deity of beauty.
To celebrate the upcoming opening of Mark's Mode de M Boutique, Soraya salutes her favorite designer Mark G. Harris and invites all women of her size to be on the fashion alert as no one else designs for them. And even if anyone else did, we at Dolldom doubt that they could ever come close to this level of exquisiteness.
 Here's to Mode de M. Here's to the talent of of Mark G. Harris

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