Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forever Elegance: Musings on Mode de M.

The delights of a few can become the envy of many. But despair not! Magnificent couture is a right to all. To all who know a heirloom when they see it. Today, it is easy to gather items that give the impression of couture but that upon close examination fail to meet the standards of beauty and craftsmanship that will render it a treasure and yes, in many ways, a work of art. The throw-away abounds and is easy to acquire. Liked today for its edge, abhorred tomorrow for its crassness. The true test of time will only be passed by the beauty of a garment created by a skillful hand, an intelligent mind, and an inspired heart.
Mark G. Harris, designer of Mode de M., has been regaling us at Dolldom since the inception of this forum and we'd like to say that this is a love affair for the ages. Mark's latest creation (a beaded sheath in purple silk shantung and a fly-away jacket in exquisite pastel tweed) is truly wearable art and a most precious acquisition for our Gallery of Masterpieces.
Mark has opened his boutique and all of us at Dolldom can now embody the epitome of chic and elegance in his couture. We look forward to the many future beauties to come. Bravo Mark!


  1. As always, Mark has provided a feast for the eyes. Beautiful colors and amazing workmanship. Thank you so much for the gorgeous photography that creates such unforgetable art.

  2. Gorgeous photographs.
    I am still remembering how nice it was in person: the beautiful fabric of the jacket, the impressive handsewing.