Friday, August 5, 2016

Walking Around Monolithic Studios

It's always fun walking around a studio. The daily on goings of the movie business can have its humdrum moments, that's for sure. Yet at Mel Odom's Monolithic Studios, even wardrobe tests can be a treat, like Dolldom illustrates with these photos taken during a recent visit to its sound stages. This special preview of upcoming projects is meant to whet the public's appetite for the Silver Screen magic of Monolithic Studios!

Movie: "When the Sun Heats the Sand"
Star: Gene Marshall
Wardrobe design: Doug James
Hair styles: Kathy Johnson

Movie: "Rumba Macumba"
Star: Oona
Wardrobe design: Tim Kennedy

Movie: "Garden of Evil"
Star: Madra Lord
Wardrobe design: Tim Kennedy
Hair styles: Kathy Johnson

Movie: "More Fallen Leaves"
Stars: Marsha Hunt and Trent Osborn
Wardrobe design: Integrity for Miss Hunt. JAMIEShow for Mr. Osborn

Movie: "Lush Life, My Love!"
Star: Ivy Jordan
Wardrobe design: Liz Cole for Retros
Hair styles: Time of Doll

Mel Odom's Gene Marshall and friends are manufactured by JAMIEshow Dolls. 

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  1. Ernesto these are great photos. Gorgeous dolls and outfits