Sunday, July 31, 2016

Francie's 50th!

When one's cousin turns fifty, what to do? Throw a big party! And that's exactly what the Barbie doll is doing in this Dolldom exclusive entry - celebrate her MOD*ern cousin!

Francie was introduced in a smooth black and white commercial back in 1966:

" This is Francie. Long hair. Real lashes. And bendable legs. She's MOD. Real kicky things. Granny gowns, groovy jumpers, and stockings. Like wild! Francie, Mattel's MODern new teenage doll. She's what's happening. You can tell she's Mattel, she's groovy"

And groovy she is as the following photos illustrate.

Happy 50th, Groovy Girl!

Hello, I'm Francie Fairchild
Portrait of a brunette standard Francie doll. This doll has been closely reproduced by Mattel's Bill Greening in her 50th Anniversary version.

Mod*ern Cousin, You Bet!
A standard brunette Francie doll arrives to shake things up in Barbie doll's world! Her hooded ensemble, "1264 "Swingin' Skimmy" from 1966-67, and #1250 "Gad-Abouts" from 1966-67 evoke the Youthquake period to perfection.

Malibu Style
A first issue Malibu Francie from 1971 is ready to impress her fellow sun-seekers in #1290 "Denims On!" from 1967

Francie in Japan 
The Francie doll was immensely popular in Japan, so much that she had her own Japanese face-up and fashions. Sold only with brunette hair, Japanese Francie models a reproduction of her lace kimono, made with loving expertise by Sylvia Campbell for Snowdance Fashions.

Most Beautiful Francie
A Black Twist-and-Turn Francie from 1967 represents a bold move to integrate African American dolls into Barbie doll's world. Miss Francie looks smashing in #1208 "The Silver Cage" from 1968-69.

Pink and Pure
A blonde Francie Twist-and-Turn- looks spring-perfect in  #1276 "Summer Frost" from 1967.

Brave New World
Francie came back in 2012 as part of the BFMC and made of Silkstone. Kitty Corner models a vintage Royal two-piece set made in British Hong Kong and her original stockings and shoes. Her hair was restyled by Bobby Taylor of Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

The London Look
Green and blue combine in two different yet very iconic looks: #1250 "Gad-Abouts" from 1966-67 on a blonde standard Francie doll and #1251 "It's A Date!" from 1966 on a brunette bendable leg doll. Mid-Centrury Modern table by Darren Cole for Retros. Chair by Maryann Roy.

I'm with Francie!
Francie ushered a new era to the Barbie doll's world. In #1207 "Floating-In" from 1968-69, a blonde bendable leg doll leads her cousin in style and youth appeal.

At the Parade
The color palette of #1266 "Quick Shift" from 1966 matches Midge's "Poodle Parade" (#1643) from 1965.

Out of the Bag
A "baggie" Francie (Mattel sold left-over dolls in clear plastic bag packages in 1975) gives good face in #1291 "Check This!" from 1967.

Happy Birthday, Francie!
The gang comes together to wish Francie the very best. Francie chooses to model Poppy Parker's Joyful Celebration gown at her very joyful celebration.

Dolldom dedicates this feature to Mr. A. Glenn Mandeville whose research and photographic work in the area of vintage Barbie and other fashion dolls has and continues to inspire us.

Sylvia Campbell's Snowdance Fashions

Bobby Taylor's Pink Bubbles Doll Spa 

Welcome Home Furniture 

Darren Cole Furniture 

Morrison Furniture Studio

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