Friday, February 20, 2015

Sindy's Fashion Dream

Sindy's back! In her new iteration, created by Tonner Doll Company, The Doll You Love to Dress, boasts a high quality creamy matte vinyl, hand applied lashes, and in her "Just Sindy" basic model, a beautiful head of red tresses.

Dolldom celebrates Sindy's arrival by featuring her in an exclusive photo portfolio doing what she likes to do best: dress-up! To illustrate the fashion fun quotient of this new version of the much loved character, Sindy models a wide variety of fashions, from vintage France to Poppy Parker.

It's time to play! It's time to dress the doll we love to dress!

Tonner Doll Company's "Just Sindy" basic doll models her cute pink gingham bikini. But perhaps, it's the expression on her face that steals hearts galore at the beach.

A hand knit dress by Vince Nowell is perfect for meeting her friends for tea.

Retros fashioned a colorful print sheath for Sindy for a more sophisticated look. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Instant classic. Marirose's red linen summer strapless, hand beaded dress is youthfully elegant.

The Avenger? No, just Sindy modeling a fab coat made by Mattel (Note The Coat #1289) for Francie in 1967. The cap is by Integrity Toys for The Gene Marshall Collection. Tyler Wentworth sunglasses.

Parisian Fantasy. Sindy imagines herself a fashion model in Marirose's hand beaded bubble dress and black straw hat from BFMC's Muffy Roberts doll.

For a day of sightseeing, Sindy chooses a springtime classic: a lady-like lace over silk sun dress by Retros.

Sindy closes the fashion show with the look she loved most: a très Mod sheath by Integrity Toys for The Poppy Parker Collection ("She's Not There" from 2012.)

Dolldom wishes to thank the extraordinary and ever joyful Michelle Hodge at Tonner Doll Company. 


  1. She is such a cute, pretty doll. I love all of her outfits and she seems to transform from cute to sophisticated. Great post! :)

    1. Thank you, Farrah Lily! It was very enjoyable to see Sindy go from day to evening. Thank you for your visit and comment!

  2. zawsze kochałam Sindy - od pewnego czasu mieszkają ze mną dość duże lale tonner, kolejne już czekają na swoją kolejkę...
    gdy dowiedziałam się, że moja wymarzona panienka Sindy jest z tej samej firmy co inne moje pięknotki - nie mogłam uwierzyć w swój fart :)
    po wakacjach będę polować na słodką o mahoniowych włosach z grzyweczką niunią - gratuluję posiadania w swym zbiorze takiej uroczej postaci :)