Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Very Stylish Girl

Modeling Tim Kennedy's New Look-inspired "Personal Secretary" dress, Mel Odom's Oona, produced by JAMIEshow, is an exemplary illustration of mid-century elegance. The circa-1957 grey taffeta dress boasts the lines that defined feminine elegance and sober glamour. 

A Christian Dior creation from the same period validates Oona's belief in the power of this unforgettable style

A pert black-linen glittered crescent hat by Retros adds a light touch of glimmer to the grey voluptuousness of the taffeta.

A second example by Christian Dior, also from the same period, attests to the timeless charm of the style.

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  1. Good Day from Michelle @

    Wow! This creation of Christian Dior was amazing! I want to see if the real human would wear this if it still looks great!