Thursday, January 22, 2015

Souvenirs du Voyage

Le souvenir: une 'image imprimée pour toujours sur l'esprit.

It was a navy blue evening back in 1953, when I walked with a heart full of rhythm to my favorite jazz mecca in Paris: 6 rue Robert Estienne, in the 8ème arrondissement...Oui, c'était The Mars Club. Billy Strayhorn would surely be there. And that evening, Violet Waters would be the featured singer. Not an evening to me missed...

But the evening delivered much more...

A woman, luminescent in the shadows, enjoyed a Kir Royale. As her eyes opened after taking a sip, I realized who she was: Miss Gene Marshall, la célèbre vedette américaine. Miss Waters was a very dear friend of hers at Monolithic Studios.

I discreetly approached the bar to catch a glimpse of véritable Hollywood royalty. To this day, I vividly recall the aura of "Je reviens" by Worth and the emanating glow from her eyes.

A moment of magic, eternal and fleeting, like all sublime instances are.

"Phoenix" Gene Marshall is the creation of artist Mel Odom and manufactured by JAMIEshow.
Titian red hard cap wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll
"Crème de Cassis" gown designed by Tim Alberts for The Gene Marshall Collection.


  1. The way you tell this little story captures the atmosphere perfectly! A Kir Royale is the ideal cocktail for Gene, and I love the earrings :-).

    1. Thank you, Night Owl, for your visit and comment. I agree that Kir Royale containing crème de cassis is the ideal libation. Glad that you enjoyed the post. I'd loved to have lived it.