Saturday, September 16, 2023


Grand gala, grand event

It's an op

To dress your best!

Grand ball, grand fest

It's much better

By yourself!

-Ludy Laminous

The joys of make-believe, of the power of the child's creative imagination, unfettered by the impositions of the cortical (as in superficial) world, is beautifully captured in the previous poem by writer Ludy Laminous. For the child requires not an audience to create a reality of deep magnitude and intimate substance and, as such, the doll onto which the fantasy is bestowed, needs but a fabulous fashion to exist in that eternal instant of beauty.

Two Lilli Lalka Deluxe dolls by Julian S.Kalinowski illustrate this philosophy, modeling exquisite reproductions of two of the Barbie doll's European-market fashions: "Atelierfest" and "Gala Abend".

Here's to your next grand event! 


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