Saturday, September 5, 2020

Forest Creatures

The forest - what in our present days becomes an endangered enclave due to climate change and abusive mismanagement of resources - has been and continues to be in universal literature, a space of inherent danger that leads to transformation. For underneath the canopy of ancient trees, fantasy thrives.

In this end-of-summer entry, Dolldom conceives a formidably dark forest inhabited by light-emitting entities who in Labaste-Bestiaire's beaded dresses create a new level of fashion enchantment.

Labaste-Bestiaire is the brainchild of Jeanphilippe Primeau, an artist in multiple media, who also regales the world of dolls with a unique vision that is referential to vintage and Mod Barbie yet undoubtedly fresh, bold, and new. Primeau created three sheaths in white voile that he then hand beaded with immense generosity. Lace trim, feather collars, and organza petals add flourish and individualize each look. A selection of hand painted purses in complementary colors, also by Primeau, are meant to contain phosphorescent cloud powder.

For more on Labaste-Bestiaire's creations, visit his two boutiques, Muriel Atelier and  Poupée Bestiaire.
Primeau's website, Labaste, features his equally seductive paintings. 

Princesses of moss and butterfly glitter model Labaste-Bestiaire's sheaths.

"Bloom-Boom" is a tour de force of hand beading. 

"Baby Daisy" combines yellow and pristine white with the added layer of opalescent paillettes. 

"Now You See Me" utilizes oversized paillettes to create illusory modesty.

"Cloud Powder Holders" come in an inspired selection of hand painted colorful designs.