Saturday, June 22, 2019

À la MOD*ern Cousin

The Francie doll defines youthful style. To this day, Barbie doll's MOD*ern cousin is the point of reference for any doll-related evocation of the 1960's Swinging London look.

Recently, HillCrestBarbies, known for its delightful vintage-inspired knit fashions, offered two fancy numbers for Francie and friends of which our editors took notice. After a couple of messages and exchanged photos, Henrietta Lockhardt, owner and master knitter, came up with three very Francie Fairchild looks that inpsired this ode to the cousin who brought the Mod Era to the world of the Barbie doll.

For more information on HillCrestBarbies' knits visit Ms. Lockhardt's Etsy boutique.

"La Fleur" combines marigold yellow and cornflower blue in perfect day dress, modeled by Silkstone "Kitty Corner" Francie (restyled by Bobby Taylor).

"Color Lines", modeled by a Japanese issue Francie, is a cheery combo of horizontal stripes. Hat by Maryann Roy. Purse by Integrity Toys for Poppy Parker.

"Square-Off" is HillCrestBarbies' tribute to YSL's "Mondrian" dress, modeled by the one and only Twiggy doll. Hat from Barbie's "London Tour" ensemble.

"Cat, Girl", modeled by a straight leg standard Francie,  is a cozy black jumpsuit of subtle sparkling yarn. Necklace by Robert Best for Model of the Moment line.


"Go, Go-Go!" closes the show with a splash of pink, cream, and lavender. The quintessential dancing dress, modeled by a first-issue black Francie, is made for fun. Necklace by Mattel. Hose and shoes from Francie's "The Silver Cage" fashion.

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