Saturday, April 20, 2019

Swan Song?

When Robert Tonner announced the closing Phyn and Aero, he also left his collecting fans with the promise of one more doll - her name was to be Rayne. Touted as the fashion figure of the collector's dream, Rayne is meant to be "a muse, a personal fashion model, a fashion canvas." Sculpted by the designer, Rayne is an invitation to be creative by dressing and styling the doll as the collector sees fit. Dolldom could not be more delighted.

For this very first entry, a basic "Midnight" Rayne chooses to wear a Nigel Chia design for the DeMuse Doll label. With her extra long bangs, heavy upper eyelid kohl liner, and RTB 101 body sculpt (created for the Tonner's Gal Gadot Wonder Woman doll), Rayne is a strong and determined character.

Now, is Rayne Robert Tonner's swan song? Dolldom sure hopes not, as his vision has shaped the way that the fashion doll has been created and collected for more that two decades. Still, Dolldom seizes the opportunity to express gratitude to he who invited us all to believe in the power of imaginative doll play.



  1. I hope this dolls returns. Beautifully done, and what GREAT legs!!!! And those cat eyes!!! WOW

  2. I’l be happy to see more pictures of her. Fabulous doll!