Sunday, March 24, 2019

A High Dose of Vintage Flair: From Beach to Bar with Little Miss Lolita

Glamour gals adapt.

They possess the know-how to quickly and fashionably transition from sand and sun to cracked ice and Pérez Prado. Julian S. Kalinowski's new Little Miss Lolita (aka Lalka 2) exemplifies the attitude, as she goes from beach to bar in minutes with just the right changes and touches of vintage flare. Kalinowski has produced a classic bathing suit in a sparkly Lurex that when paired up with sober black pieces becomes a sophisticated eye catcher at the cocktail lounge.

Example Number One: La Divina

In Juliet Whorton's silk separates and Liz Retros' turban, la Divina is divine.

Example Number Two: La Estupenda

In a black stole and satin skirt by Mattel, La Estupenda is nothing short of stupendous. Bandeau hat by Liz Retros.

For more information on Little Miss Lolita, make sure to contact Julian Kalinowski.
Bar by Darren Cole for Retros. Other furniture by Morrison Studios.

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  1. I stumbled on this site by accident. I'll admit I did not think dolls were an interest of mine, but I'm blown away by this site. The art, fashion and photography are fabulous and all the attention to detail is stunning. I'm still blown away at the doll hair -- HOW do you style doll hair like that?! Amazing.