Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rosina's Fashions' Runway Fantasy

Creator of the label Rosina's Fashions, Rosina Haskell is very much smitten with the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. With style heroines, such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana, most of Rosina Haskell's collections are based on these icons fashion styles. Although her creations focus mainly on 12"-inch dolls, Mel Odom's Gene Marshall - in all her iterations - is one of the British designer's favorite stars. Ms. Haskell explains: "With Gene, I go back to the 1940s and 50s and can indulge in the creation of voluminous skirts, fabulous ball gowns, smart suit ensembles and loads of matching accessories."

As for her creative process, Ms. Haskell allows the textile to do most of the guiding. She adds: "I mainly use lightweight fabrics such as cottons and silks were possible, but if I see a suitable pattern that just begs to be sewn into a 50's bell dress or slim sheath dress, well I just go to town on it."

Ms. Haskell loves to experiment and explore new ideas and enjoys collaborating with her customers as it is in these exchanges that she finds the most fun in what she calls "this passion of mine". Rosina's Fashions website is a treasure trove of ideas and her open invitation to talk and create something special and unique makes Ms. Haskell one of Dolldom's most respected artists.

For more information and eye candy, visit Rosina's Fashion's.

Mel Odom's Violet Waters, produced by JAMIEshow sings of love in Rosina's Fashions' silk brocade qipao.

"Golden Gossamer" is Ms. Haskell's tribute to 1960s' evening glamour.

An early Ashton-Drake-produced Gene Marshall is perfection encased in its golden lace cape.

But so is a JAMIEshow-produced "Hollywood Canteen" Gene Marshall!

"On Holiday" is a classic full skirt with knit top ensemble, perfect for early fall outings with the addition on a green neckerchief and felt beret. Ashton-Drake-produced "Lucky Stripe" Gene Marshall is sensational in it.

JAMIEshow-produced "Phoenix" adds a touch of coquettish flair with her hand-on-hip pose.

"Press Release" is JAMIEshow-produced "Phoenix"Gene Marshall's favorite day look. White polka dots on navy cotton provide a classic palette. Straw hat by Richard's Originals on e-Bay.

A "Shanghai Siren" Gene Marshall by Ashton-Drake, on an Integrity Toys' Gene Marshall body, gives the look a try and runs with it too!

Smart suits are hard-to-find due to the work that their construction requires. Rosina's Fashion's wool version is a winner on "Winged Inspiration" Gene Marshall, produced by Ashton-Drake, with it's matching velvet collar and pocket details. Feather fascinator by Richard's Originals on e-Bay.

But wait! So sensational is the suit that JAMIEshow-produced "Hollywood Canteen" Madra Lord demanded to model it for a Life magazine article.

"Asian Dreams" is a beautiful qipao in graphic cotton sateen worn by an Ashton-Drake-produced "Simply Gene Platinum" Gene Marshall, restyled by Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

To close Rosina's Fashions runway fantasy, JAMIEshow-produced "Cool Breeze in Vegas" Oona dons the sensational qipao.

For more information and eye candy, visit Rosina's Fashion's. 

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