Saturday, April 9, 2016

In a Parallel Universe

Two women. One suit. Two planets. One suit. Two different attitudes. One suit.

Julian Kalinowski's Séverine doll is a chameleon. Called the doll of the five hundred different faces, the same sculpt is nothing but a different personality in the able hands of Mr. Kalinowski. To demonstrate the point, Dolldom has chosen two very different Séverine dolls and asked them to model the same suit- a black wonder by British designer Tania Lawrence.

In their unique environments but in the same suit, the women in the photos make us entertain the thought that we are right now doing and wearing the exact same thing, but in another planet, in another galaxy, in some unreachable labyrinth of the universe. The same and yet different. The same and yet so inexorably apart.


  1. very nice suit! Both dolls wear it well!

  2. I really loved this article, made my mind fly away for a while. The doll and the photos are amazing.