Friday, June 19, 2015

(In) The Eyes of Marley W

Marley W. Yes, W as in Wentworth.
Tyler's sister has grown up and is a fashion blogger. And her début in the "Marley's Mad for Accessories" gift set from the  2015 Tonner Convention captivated Dolldom with it's utterly chic style propositions.

Miss Wentworth was kind to accept our invitation to style and model fashions at Dolldom's studios. Fun was had by all as Marley went from closet to closet mixing elements from varied sources to create fresh and exciting new looks, all complemented by Marley's coquettish Titian bob.

Marley's line of fashions is soon to be available from Tonner Doll Company and Dolldom looks forward to many more collaborations with the energetic and ever-so-creative Marley Wentworth.

Marley loved this recreation of Charlotte Johnson's design for the Barbie doll, most often hidden under the severe jacket of "Gold 'n Glamour." Dress by Juli in the UK. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Marley took Antoinette's "Influential" fashion and wore just the dress with long black gloves. "A little 1920s flapper fun!" - Marley exclaimed. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Antoinette's "Bold" navy gown plays perfect foil for Marley's chic Titian bob. Timeless and yet so now.

Marley loves black. So does Dolldom. Cami and Jon's "City Nights" dress comes alive with a necklace by Joy Jarred and Marley's peacock blue pumps.

Dolldom loves Marley's creative energy. A sheer net body suit and chunky bead necklace from Antoinette's "Influential" fashion, a voluptuous satin skirt from JAMIEShow's Natalie debut fashion, and again those blue pumps, make up for a look that is unforgettable and iconic.

More black? Yes, bring it on! Antoniette's "Wanton"mini bubble dress is perfect for an evening wedding reception - just not Marley's. She'll be there delivering the speech to the loving couple.

Marley loved this JAMIEShow's "Lauren" lilac gown. And it does look sensational on this equally sensational redhead.

Peek-a-boo! Marley shows her playfulness in Antoinette's "Intoxicating" sequined dress and necklace by Joy Jarred.

And to close this first installment, Marley chooses more black. And this is, we agree, the ultimate way to wear the color...

With diamonds....

As if stars on a midnight sky...

Marley's exquisite coat dress in silk satin is adorned with a treasure trove of sparkling brooches that exemplify magnificently Lorelei Lee's manifesto. For diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Thank you, Marley Wentworth, for this collaboration. Dolldom looks forward to many more.


  1. I just deboxed Marley, and she is wonderful. Your photographs show how well she models clothes and photographs. I haven't tried the blonde wig yet because right now it is all about that red bob cut. My first Tyler Wentworth doll was the Deluxe TW Signature Gift Set, and that doll with its short wig is still one of my favorites. So glad they went red with Marley's. She's fun and fresh, and I hope they keep her fashions young and edgy. It seems to me that is what is missing with most fashion doll outfits. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  2. What a stunning and elegant doll. Her face is amazing. I loved seeing her in all of the different outfit as the looks great in all of them! Beautiful photos as always. :)

  3. Extraordinarias fotos. Ya no tengo dudas acerca de la belleza de esta muñeca. No soy un fan de Tonner pero con esta chica he desarrollado una nueva afición. Creo que es uno de los moldes más cautivantes que esta marca ha diseñado.