Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blood Work

Time of the year for the required physical examination? It all starts with the necessary analyses of bodily fluids. For anyone out there undergoing the needed albeit disagreeable tests, here is Lalka. Portraying the nurse from hell (or heaven, you choose), in a stark white and so seductive nurse's uniform by Liz Cole for Retros, Lalka is Dolldom's tribute to the professional phlebotomists the world over.

"Nurse?" "Yes, I'm coming." Nurse Lalka is in charge of your well-being. Lalka doll by Julian Kalinowski. Nurse set by Liz Cole for Retros. Jewelry from Barbie Fashion Model Collection.


  1. Hello from Spain: this model is very traditional nurse. I like the uniform she wears. Keep in touch

  2. Hi Ernesto! I LOVE your display! You have such a fabulous collection of props! And don't you love Liz's nurse outfits?! Adorable! Meg