Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweet Suzette

Suzette, a photo by ernestopadrocampos on Flickr.
Babe, a photo by ernestopadrocampos on Flickr.

 First issue Suzette Dubois, a Cherished Friends exclusive, dressed in Retros by Liz Cole, as she appeared in a Haute Doll feature profiling the Seattle artist's work.

The Suzette Dubois sculpt, first seen on TDC's 16-inch "Chicago" dolls and later released as Tyler Wentworth's friend, is a perfect face to add to the company's 13-inch fashion doll collection. The character Suzette Dubois was a Cherished Friends exclusive doll.

Vampiresa, a photo by ernestopadrocampos on Flickr.

These smaller models boast a reduced scale Antoinette body and are meant to wear the 13" Revlon outfits created previously by TDC.

This captivating character can also by seen in the company's new "Precarious Collection" of 16-inch dolls. A great face gets it's day in the sun.

Photo by Storm Photo
Photo by Storm Photo

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