Monday, February 13, 2012

With Love, Brani

Love is in the air and Dolldom celebrates V-Day 2012 basking in the glow of Brani Mladenov's mini collection for the Barbie doll. Brani, a professional fashion designer for the flesh and blood type, fell in love with the Fabulous Blonde ever since he spotted Golden Dream Barbie in a magazine. Those illustrations impressed him so that he traced the image of the golden diva on paper and gave her different hair, fashion, and color palette. Brani grew up in Bulgaria prior to the democracy and fashion dolls like Barbie were not available. In fact, Mattel’s Queen of Fashion was finally discovered in Bulgaria in the 1990s and Brani was the first who started collecting Barbie dolls in his country.

 Fashion designer Brani Mladenov's self-portrait

Brani is big fan of the designs of Anna Sui and of the endless imagination of Robert Best. Sonia Rykiel is an inspiration too as well as Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier. In addition to Barbie, Brani enjoys Blythe's style, Mod couture, Fashion Royalty’s slick look, and Darrell Wallace's handmade and hand painted resin dolls.

Brani follows a feeling when he begins to design. This collection titled Vin et Pain  evokes the warm feelings of two essential staples of mankind's nourishment: bread and wine. Essential, yes. And equally luxurious. For this Dolldom exclusive feature, Barbie Basics and Barbie Fashion Model Collection models regally show off the exquisite creations of this talented young designer. Barbie and Dolldom love you, Brani.

Barbie Basics 2.0 Model Number 14 dons Brani's swimsuit cover-up. A pair of leggings and Barbie is ready for a night of disco dancing. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

The little cocktail dress as envisioned by Brani. Silkstone Spa Getaway Barbie is ready for a glass of Côtes du Rhône. Necklace by Mark G. Harris for Mode de M.

Red carpets from Cannes to Hollywood long for Brani's showstopping reinterpretation of the mermaid gown. Barbie Basics 2.0 Model 11 does justice to this classic silhouette. Necklace by Joy Jarred
Every woman needs a romantic gown. First edition Barbie Fashion Model Lingerie #1 is no exception. Brani's voluptuous version combines 21st century energy with a classic and refined silhouette. Jewelry by Vince Tibavido for VJT Designs.
For more information on Brani and his unique designs, visit him at any of his blogs:


  1. Thank you for the honour being here Mr. Ernesto !

  2. Wonderful article, beautiful dolls and dresses and a very talented fashion designer! LOVE!!!!

  3. It's Dolldom's honor to have you as a guest, Brani. Thank you again for sharing your talent and vision with us! Thank you Pamelia, love your blog too! Thank you Folksie Linda, I agree that Brani is an amazing talent. Look at these fashions, the textures, the colors, the cut.

  4. Ernesto,DOLLDOM & Specially Brani Mladenov,
    Congratz For The Amazing Inpired Job!
    Brani Is A Talented Guy And A Very Kind Contact On FLICKr,Where I Had The Pleasure To Get Him On My Friends List!(Clicking Dolls)
    You're Doing An Awesome Styling,Brani!
    Love It!!

  5. Thank you Jorge! I agree that Brani did a beautiful job!