Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Dolldom denizens of all ages, sizes, and materials gather to celebrate winter and to reflect as 2011 draws to an end. With its short days and colder weather, the season calls for warm hearts and hearths to keep chills of the skin and the soul at bay. So what to do? Give love and kindness to one and all. Then, feather your nest with ornaments of glitter and tinsel. Create a peaceful vignette with which to regale the eyes and make paper hats for the kids to wear as they play around the Christmas tree. Give the gift of a hand knit sweater to ward off the cold. And dazzle at that special soirée in a grand couture gown.

Dolldom wishes to thank all of its friends and colleagues without whom it would be impossible to enjoy life de luxe. May 2012 bring us all a world of health, peace, and prosperity!

Winter Butterfly
Mel Odom’s Gene Marshall is a stunning beauty in a gift of glamorous couture. Her friend Travis Kaller sent her this gorgeous gown by the inimitable Vince Nowell.

Noël chez Bleuette
Bleuette celebrates in classic style wearing hand knit sets by Liz Cole for Retros. The crepe paper hats, decorated with silver glitter, are also by Liz. Human hair wigs by Georgette Bravot.

Jack Frost
Here is the tiny guy who keeps nipping at one’s nose! Katarina Carlsson’s porcelain Myling wears a crown of vintage tinsel around his white mohair wig.

Silver and Gold and Everything Else
Barbie doll goes all out in her fabulous Gold Jubilee, circa 1996, designed by Carol Spencer.

Moss and Snow
Agnes and Viktor Dreary play silent games around their feather tree decorated with reindeer moss. The twins created paper hats and following Retros’ suit, decorated them with gold and black glitter.

Dead of Winter
Viktor is set for a moss and snow fight in his hand knit sweater with banana yellow skull motif by Liz Cole for Retros and his paper hat.

Make the Yule-tide Gay
Dolldom darling Gay Carrington closes the year with courageous resolution: be her own producer. Dolldom supports this groundbreaking artist in all of her endeavors.

Abominably Classic
The holiday season could not be complete without one of Dolldom’s favorite characters from the classic stop action animated special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Bumble, the abominable snow monster, has enthralled many a child who has sat scared and mesmerized by this giant ball of white plush.

New Year’s Eve
Candescence Sydney Chase wears an updated version of her friend Tyler Wentworth’s Millennium Ball blue silks gown. Dolldom friend Travis Kaller shortened the hem, decorated it with black lace, and added geometric beads to the bodice.

White Christmas
Tonner Doll Companys beautiful tribute to the holiday classic says Christmas loud and clear. Is there a better way to enjoy a snowy eve than by singing its unforgettable tunes?

 What Child Is This?
American Character’s Betsy McCall plays with her new Myling doll by Katarina Carlsson.

She surrounds the tiny baby with her vintage wooden Italian angel figurines and tiny decorate firs. Betsy's fashion was lovingly made by Little Red Hen.

Barbie’s Winter Fantasy
A vintage American Girl Barbie doll closes this feature in the romantic Magnificence designed by Charlotte Johnson. A dream of a doll that rates high on the wish lists of many a dollector.


  1. All gorgeous, Ernesto! Your house must be a magical place at Christmas!

    xo Hilda

  2. Thank you for this beautiful and amazing post! :)

  3. Thank you Hilda and AuntLou! Glad to know that you enjoyed it.