Monday, February 14, 2011

Le style japonais

Today is a day to celebrate at Dolldom.  Tonner Doll Company presents Freedom for Fashion, a new line of models and fashions that will surely delight and inspire many with its distinct take on an urban Japanese style that is not afraid to reference its rich and glorious heritage. 

Aiko and Yoshio are the new faces of this fashion trend. And what gorgeous faces they are.

What most impacts us at Dolldom is the attention given to Yoshio's fashions. It is known that the menswear designed by Tonner via Tyler Wentworth for the Matt O'Neill collection is unmatched for its construction, quality of material, and fit. Consequently, we cannot wait too long for the arrival of  these sartorial offerings. First is Hogyo, a superb suit that makes the man feel and look like royalty. 

Hogyo Yoshio
There there's the über cool Tokyo Sleek, sporting a leather jacket with the silhouette of the decade. 
Tokyo Sleek Him

 Aiko hasn't fared too badly either. We love the sensuality and movement of her Sori style. 

 Sori Aiko

Her urban explorer look, Tokyo Sleek Her, complements Yoshio's trendsetting style. 

Tokyo Sleek Her

Kudos to Tonner Doll Company for bringing le style japonais to the world of fashion dolls.
All photos by Storm Photo Studio

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