Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tyler's Back

It was with great delight that we at Dolldom received news late in October about Tyler Wentworth. Forever a member of this world of aromatic vinyl, Tyler has never not been present. In fact, few dolls maintain their integrity after their tenth anniversary the way our gorgeous designer has.

 2010 Ultra Basic™ Raven Tyler Set is a basic doll and features Tyler's original head sculpt, green eyes and a new skin tone called Lily. Now Dolldom claims for a Sydney Chase with the same look. Promo photos by Storm Photo Studio.

In past seasons we have seen her judiciously reduce her offerings in order to place the spotlight (what a generous gesture!) on her friend Antoinette. And as much as we love that young super model with the amazing morphing powers, at Dolldom Tyler exists without rivals. She has it all. The storyline. The full decade. A place in fashion doll history. Her own dress form. She even has Sydney Chase! No one touches Tyler.
Tyler wears her own design, titled Convertible Cocktail. This red number gives any little black dress its run for the money.

For this Dolldom exclusive, our gal pal shows us a new look for the winter of 2010. It's all very I'm-a-modern-Geisha-and-I-love-Kabuki-make-up for the glittery end of the first decade of the 21st century.

 And it's all as classy and chic as Tyler has always been. After all, that is how she and her brood will go down in history. As the epitome of classic American style. No fads, no gimmicks, just good design. We bet all of our treasury of porcelain de Sèvres, that in ten years, we will still be wearing Wentworth while some pretty funky fads will be making some poor unfortunate souls ponder: "What was I thinking?"

Here's to Miss W

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