Sunday, October 24, 2010

Witchy Wear

Once the nights get longer and there is that special spine-tingling chill in the air, many of the denizens of Dolldom make sure that they:
1. Invoke the spirits of the earth.
2. Pull out a big black cauldron and slow cook a potent brew.
3. Carve plenty of turnips to hold beeswax candles, a necessity for lighting the way when coming back home from the forest.
4. Hold a midnight séance to stay up to date with the ongoing activities of those constant companions of the invisible kind.
5. Dust off the black and fabulous witches’ hat.

Is there a better way to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, one of Dolldom’s favorite holidays, than by throwing a fashion show? For on October 31st, all women ought to channel their inner sorcière, their essential bruja, and be as mysteriously glamorous as Kim Novak was in the film Bell, Book, and Candle.
 For this Dolldom exclusive, the gals of Monolithic Studios give Miss Novak a run for the money in dresses by Liz Cole for Retros and Diane Charles. The essential witches' hat could not have come but from the fantastic Peggy Feltrope and was on loan from Dreary Manor, to whose inhabitants we give thanks for their generous heart.

In a dress by Diane Charles (e-Bay seller shesewgood) created with a pattern by Randall Craig, Ivy Jordan strikes a familiar pose to pay homage to Dolldom darling Elizabeth Montgomery in her iconic role as Samantha Stevens. Hat by Peggy Feltrope.

Lost Soul
Gene Marshall plays the girl who ends up walking by a dark mansion. By the movie's end, she has found love with a ghost. In her figure hugging charcoal silk dress with blood red beading by Liz Cole, she is bound to enamor all available spirits.

Queen Witch
Violet Waters is the Queen Witch. No other witch can come close to her beauty and style. Liz created another sexy sheath, this time in a fancy pink silk with flocked net overlay. Those skulls do tell the whole story! The cape and cute felt hat, also by Liz, were made for Miss Barbie M. Roberts and are on loan from her collection.

Beast Tamer
Spooky and kooky equal fun style for Gene Marshall. Only Liz knows were to unearth fabulous prints for her couture. This scary cat green cotton wins top awards for colorful wit.

Good Witch
For not all witches wear dark colors. Platinum blond Ivy closes the show in Liz's Lurex wonder beaded with abandon with turquoise drops. 

May your date with the Moon 
and the Shadows be magical too.


  1. i love this! all your pics are great, and i love the captions :) great choice of posing, backdrop/props and great dresses by Liz and Diane.

    (although, Ivy seems to be having a bit of a wardrobe malfuntion in that fabulous gold dress!! oops!)

  2. Wonderful piece, Ernesto. The gals look amazing.

  3. These are all so gorgeous!! Happy Halloween!

  4. Wow!! Liz is amazing!! Gorgeous creations. As always, your photography is exquisite! Loved it all!!