Monday, April 5, 2010

Mdvanii's Maquillage - The Evolution of Glamour

Mdvanii, one of Dolldom's most delightful dames has had her way with make-up. Her beauty epitomizes all that is timelessly elegant. To this day and with the exception of those ladies who count on the services of freelance make-up artists, Mdvanii is still the one who reigns supreme as Queen of Beauty and pioneer of hand-applied make-up. We sat down with Mdvanii recently to talk about giving good face for more than twenty years.

Dolldom: How did it all start?
Mdvanii: In the first two years, all my make-up looks were based on a high glamour 1950s look and all hand-painted by two make-up artists from Paris. They were a delight to work with.
Dolldom: Would you describe your debut look?
Mdvanii: My earliest eye make-up is easy to recognize. The white part of the eye is given predominance but perfectly balanced by the precise application of black eyeliner. It is the look most associated with my Cleopatra Alexandre de Paris wig.
Mdvanii: The second generation of high fashion looks coincides with the introduction of my friend Dheei and is characterized by the use of dark blue or pale orange eyeshadow and coordinating eyeliner.
Mdvanii: From 1993 up until today, my make-up styles evoke many different moods and feelings. It is a period of experimentation and perhaps the beginning of a new trend in which all my make-up looks will vary depending on my fashions.
Mdvanii: As of 1993, my look is soft as bisque, and my make-up has gone OOAK. I do not like to go out with the same look everyday. It is amazing how a color palette can impact your style and your mood.
For more on Mdvanii,visit her at home at Fondation Tanagra.

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