Friday, March 19, 2010

The Cabinet of Dr. Yatabazah

As obsessive compulsive freaks who would much rather stop breathing than take a photo of a doll with fly-away hair, we at Dolldom were not only validated but also inspired when we found a human being who paid as much attention to scale and precision in hairstyling.

It was late one night, while surfing the web that we came across a series of mouthwatering photographs that told a story - incomplete and addictive - about glamour, hair, and the mysteries inherent to both. The mastermind of this mind-blowing world of dolls with impeccable hair is a man with a consuming passion and a true calling.
His name is Thanos Samaras and he is as fabulous a character as the ones he features in his detailed tableaux.
Thanos is a Renaissance man, a guru of style on-line, on Flickr, and amongst Blythe fans whose frizzy-haired vintage dolls visit his beauty therapy centre and come out superstars laden with sass and an added twinkle in those changing color eyes.
Thanos is also the creator of a line of amazing natural fiber wigs, Yatabazah Luxury Wigs, designed with an ideal in mind: giving your most cherished and coddled doll the ultimate luxury of different and fabulous personalities, just with the change of finely crafted and ultra stylish hairpieces.
We at Dolldom are of the opinion that the future of the fashion doll is handmade – today’s fashion doll aficionados crave uniqueness, we all crave that  OOAK feel in our collections.
With artists like Thanos, whose work proposes alternatives not only to collecting but also to quality and exclusivity, that future is already a reality. For more on Thanos and his line of Yatabazah Luxury Wigs, visit the legend himself. And while there, make sure you get your most beloved doll a gift of handmade love.

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