Friday, April 8, 2016

Check the Day

Tartan and checks! For long, these have been fashion staples most often seen in men's suiting and shirting. Today, checks are part of a woman's repertoire.

The Barbie doll (in her 2016 "Classic Black Dress" Fashion Model Collection iteration) illustrates how to make checks work all day - from a full day of reporting to a cocktail party fundraiser. Ukranian designer Olgaomi created two perfect dresses that evoke the Barbie doll's iconic wardrobe using bright interpretations of the traditional prints: one a full circle classic, the other a seductive bubble skirted halter sensation. With her coquettish ponytail and retro-inspired eyeliner, Barbie is timelessly fashionable.

For more on Olgaomi's designs for Barbie, Poppy Parker, FR, and other dolls, visit her boutique.

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