Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Blonde

The Studio Commissary recently invited its habitués to examine the fashion and beauty concept of  The Blonde - as incarnated by Gene Marshall and her coterie of friends and colleagues at Monolithic Studios. Dolldom was more than happy to oblige with this fashion show starring JAMIEshow's Phoenix Gene Marshall in a blonde wigcap styled in a classic two-bun chignon. For how better to define blonde chic?

A red satin evening gown with draped décolleté descends into a deep pink taffeta train. The gown was originally issues as item # 9209, Glammed Up Ivy "Vee J." Jordan from The Return to Hollywood Collection, LE 200 by Integrity Toys)

Rubies on gold to match her ruby lips.

Promenade, anyone? In Tim Kennedy's Promenade ensemble produced by Ashton-Drake, circa 1945, Miss Marshall is perfectly coquettish.

Old McDonald? No, siree, Bob!

There may be chickens in the background, but the look of farmgirl never looked more glamorous thanks to Liz Cole for Retros.

Off to pick the best of the season!

The Kiss is a pale pink satin robe adorned with marabou feathers over a halter top nightgown   with rhinestone brooch at waist. Perfect for a blonde, the ensemble, circa 1946, was  designed by Tim Kennedy.

Travel by Train. In a  Théâtre de la Mode-inspired Lucky Stripe produced by Ashton-Drake, Miss Marshall will prove to be the most elegant voyageuse of them all.

The off-white and black striped long-sleeved slim dress with attached hip sash and large black silk portrait hat, circa 1949, are hard to beat if the plan is to be a dramatic presence upon arrival. Ensemble designed by Tim Kennedy.

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