Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Martian

Zippy the Chimp, Howdy Doody's pal, has been on a secret mission to Mars. Now that NASA has divulged the news that there is water on the red planet, Dolldom is able to post photos of Zippy on the surface of Mars in this historic adventure.

Wearing a NASA-approved astronaut suit by Beauty and Glamour maven Liz Cole for her Retros label, Zippy meets his very first Martian.

Retros for Dolls

Sunday, September 27, 2015

You're My Thrill

Gene Marshall. Mel Odom's muse. JAMIEshow's most amazing star. In the company's new "Wild Oats" little black dress "Black Lipstick" continues to thrill audiences with her classic black and white magic. La Marshall is the ultimate silver screen fantasy doll.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cósmica Séverine

Dolldom remembers the days when the prospect of space travel and exploration inspired children to project their fantasies on their Matt Mason figures or Liddle Kiddle Cosmic Greenie Meenie dolls. It was a time when Martian attacks were expected and desired, and the monsters from outer space populated many a B-movie.

For this late September entry, Dolldom channels the feeling of those days with a special photo spread featuring Julian Kalinowski's Séverine doll. This particular model appeared on e-Bay and our vigilant assistants were able to snatch her thanks to the Buy It Now feature. It's quite addictive, they say.

Séverine, in her Cósmica version wears a Lurex knit mini by super duper designer Rosina Haskell, who also fashioned a pair of silver metallic gloves. She has panties to match. But it has to be the out-of-this-world color palette and swept-by-solar-winds hairstyling that makes this OOAK (all Séverine dolls are, BTW!) Séverine the ultimate Queen of Cosmic Dreams. Where else, we at Dolldom wonder, can the collector of the unique find such an example of beauty, but chez Mr. Kalinowski? Only chez lui.

Yes, the future of fashion dolls is handmade. And the future is here. Séverine exemplifies it.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tatum: The Real King Man

The books describe him as an affable king, just and faithful to his people. In war or in peace, he gave his all. To this day the children of the children of his children revere him. His name was King Tatum.

JAMIEShow's ultimate stud, Tatum, changes from his "On Michigan Avenue" set into a more regal silk brocade tunic and turban manufactured by Ashton-Drake for Mel Odom's groundbreaking male doll Trent Osborn.

Long live King Tatum!

JAMIEshow's "On Michigan Avenue" Tatum

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Making of Séverine's First Ad

By now most fans of Julian Kalinowski's Séverine doll have learned that her very first advertisement appears in the fall issue of Haute Doll magazine.

The process for making the ad was a madcap adventure! Loosely based on one of Mr. Kalinowski's favorite still images from the Jean-Luc Goddard film Weekend, Séverine's version had beauty first and foremost in mind. Yet, dramatic tension abounds in this black and white glamour fest.

The locale was selected for it starkness. A desolate ravine of parched grasses and treacherous rocks proved to be perfect foil for the richness of the couture designed by Liz Cole for Retros, Tania Lawrence, and Rosina Haskell.

Dolldom's photographer's risked their lives to shoot the landscape scene that features two vintage Irwin cars made for Mattel's Barbie doll: an Austin-Healey and a Mercedes. How they've ended up down this ravine will forever be a secret. Suffice it to say that Séverine, Miss Sévinyl, and Liz Lee's Rachel all had a grand time hamming it up for the cameras.

Follow the making of this ad with this exclusive behind-the-scenes peek!

The image selected for the ad features three Séverine dolls and prototypes of Miss Sévinyl and Rachel.

A second image was discarded due to its more graphic nature and the mindless destruction of expensive Louis Vuitton-like luggage.

Photo stylist Perrita Perón adjusts the Austin-Healey

A preliminary version of the ad with graphic artist extraordinaire Fokke Hoekman's magic touch.

Monday, August 31, 2015

En noir

Classic hue. Solemn. Impacting. Absolute. Black. For some the only choice. Dolldom begins September 2015 exploring the depths of the color of night with a photo portfolio featuring some of the moment's most desirable supermodels: JAMIEshow's Sofia and Marlena, Tonner's Marley Wentworth, and Mel Odom's "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall as produced by the groundbreaking JAMIEshow.

Marlena! In net and sequins as envisioned by Liz Cole for Retros, Marlena models a beehive wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Glamour unending

Marley Wentworth is all grown up. She has quite the penchant for vintage looks and chooses Gene Marshall's "Little Black Dress" designed by Tim Kennedy and a cap by REMCO for Dr. John Littlechap.

Marley strikes a pose.

Sofia! An LBD of immense beauty and lasting power by Madeleine Rose Couture for JAMIEshow.

Molto bella! Sofia wears a blonde "Claudette" rooted wigcap by JAMIEshow.
Grand finale....

Mel Odom's ultra glamorous "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall as produced by JAMIEshow is resplendent in Sofia's "On Michigan Avenue" organza embroidered dress and a Sofia wigcap in grey.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back-to-School with Brikette!


Vogue Doll Company of Medford, Massachusetts offered this most unique babe in 1959 in an impressive 22-inch size. Born in Italy as a Bonomi doll, Brikette sold in the USA as a licensed copy. With her "Orange Crush" blunt cut and green-as-chlorophyll flirtatious gaze, Brikette jumped into the scene to wonder and bewilder many a child. For who could resist her charms?

In 1960, Vogue issued a 16" version which Dolldom profiles in its tribute to the joys of this back-to-school time of the year. As children prepare for another year of fun academic endeavors, many of them demanding historical (and some may say hysterical) research, Dolldom also offers important information about Brikette's past.

For in 1963, Brikette was cast as Talky Tina in the Season Five, Episode Six ( titled "Living Doll") of the iconic TV show The Twilight Zone.

Let's watch Brikette as she acts her way to infamy. Now, Dolldom would like to do a bit of revisionism and propose that instead of being a scary, murderous doll, Talky Tina was simply a doll that had the guts to say no to a bully. Not a bad message to impart! 

All conflicts aside, Brikette remains an unforgettable doll with great fashion aspirations as the following publicity and advertising photos prove.

Dolldom's exclusive portfolio features a 16-inch Brikette in her original fashion as well as with an alternate skirt and blouse set, perhaps made for another doll, but that offers our "impish show-off" a second style in which to bring joy to any household.

"Hola, me llamo Brikette y soy tu amiga."

Brikette's swivel waist allows her to dance happily in the garden.

"Hello, Brikette, I'm a wind-up bear made in the Soviet Union!" "Hello, there comrade bear!"