Sunday, October 23, 2016


Reminiscent of "Enchanted Evening" (#983, 1960-1963), the newly released Glam Gown BFMC Silkstone Barbie doll closes the 2016 Robert Best fashion show.

The beautifully draped satin column boasts a constellation of beads and sequins placed next to the rosette from which the organza trains originates.

The Barbie doll's hair is a sensational shade of platinum grey and her brown eyes create an unforgettable contrast. 

An exclusive to members of the Barbie Doll Club, Glam Gown is sure to become a point of reference to collectors just like the Charlotte Johnson's "Enchanted Evening" from 1960 continue to be.

Congratulations to Robert Best for another groundbreaking collection.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Manly Matters

It's time for male dolls!  JAMIEshow Homme. With handsome sculpts that portray men of many races, these strong and strung doll are engineered to pose without a stand. And only JAMIEshow offers the grand option of changing hairstyle with their sculpted wig caps featuring masculine styles. 

Enjoy this exclusive entry. Links to all featured artists are provided at the end. 

A Man Named Cary
JAMIEshow's 2016 Convention Exclusive Cary gives good face.

Take Me to the Church on Time 
Mel Odom's Trent Osborn as manufactured by JAMIEshow wears a perfectly tailored morning suit produced by Ashton-Drake.

Stirred and Shaken 
2016's Lee is badass in a white tux produced by JAMIEshow and surrounded by Lauren and Marlena in JAMIEshow rooted wigcaps.

Eleganza Extravaganza
Ty poses in a red tux jacket made by RDGdolls.

London Fog 
Kyle rocks the London look in his beige trench, wool foulard, and black cap.

Vamos a la playa 
2016's Cameron and Lee are ready for a day of sun, fun, and music in Liz Retros's vintage swim trunks and cotton shirt sets.

Prep Style 
Tatum defines timeless style in a Chewin suit.

A Head of Hair
2016's Lee shows off the amazing transformations occurred just by changing into a variety of JAMIEshow Homme's sculpted wigcaps. Lee's coat by Ayal Armon. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Disco Daze
2016's Cameron dances the night away in a JAMIEshow produced set of jeans and cool faux fur and Spandex top. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Aviator Dream
Alejandro is the epitome of the macho man in his Chewin jumpsuit.

British Sensation 
Lee channels the Beatles in his classic 60s style black suit with thin tie by Chewin. His wig is also by Chewin.

  Love and Affection Alejandro and Cameron pose is fashionable underwear and jackets by Ayal Armon.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bodacious Babette

It all started a few years back: Bulgarian artist Brani Mladenov and American doll maker Joey Versaw came up with an idea for a new doll character with a full-figured body and a treasure trove of attitude. Both were inspired by the aesthetic of antique French and German bisque dolls yet wanted her to have a modern touch and, above all, a realistic full-figured ball-jointed body.

As ideas congealed, a hardworking gal emerged. The yet-to-be-named lady would be a nurse by daytime and a burlesque star at night - a fact that would allow her to lead a life of purpose and then indulge in over-the-top glamour. And shortly thereafter, Mr. Versaw and Mr. Mladenov came up with her name: Babette. An homage to a character in Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure, a 1977 American live action and animated musical fantasy film directed by Richard Williams, Babette is a French doll known for being stubborn, gorgeous, strong, and somewhat bratty.

Once the name and the character of this new lady were set, Mr. Versaw worked on her sculpt while Mr. Mladenov conceived the visual brand. For her first appearance in 2016, the artists wanted to imbue her with the essence of 1930s, mirroring the strength and glamour of the famous ladies of The Silver Screen such as Mae West and Katherine Hepburn, women who broke societal mores, captivated their audiences and paved the road for women's rights. Babette is meant to honor this legacy.

Babette, like her predecessor Mary Magpie, is made of laser-sintered nylon plastic. Her wigs are molded (as well as digitally-printed too) to ensure that she will never have a stray hair strand. Each doll is hand painted and then hand assembled by Mr. Versaw.

Monday, September 5, 2016


Suki visits Dolldom!

Suki is a new doll created by Elizabeth Lee in a limited edition of 400. Drawing inspiration from a wealth of genres, cultures, and periods, Suki is, in the words of her creator, "an adaptation and much needed revision of the neglected and much maligned costume doll."

Suki is hand painted with the intention of giving each doll a life and character that will be interpreted by her owner.

Created for the adult collector of unusual dolls, Suki boasts rooted hair in blonde or raven. A small number of Suki dolls will also be offered with wigs.

Suki's body is based on the sculpt of Sebino's Bettina and is such represents a young teenager. Yet, Suki lends herself to being dressed as a younger child. Suki is a play doll who loves to be dressed and redressed. Do you like to sew? Suki will be the perfect model. And if you prefer modern styles, Suki will certainly model them well. Homemade hand knits? Bring them on! Vintage styles? Perfect on Suki! Suki is intended to be a doll to dress and play with - and make things for, no matter how simple. And she is a nice size for this at 17 inches, not too small, not too big.

Suki is cross cultural, according to Ms. Lee, and her skin tone was carefully selected to be very ambivalent - she can be Asian, Latino, Indian, or anything you chose. Ms. Lee hopes that Suki will appeal to a wide range of collectors for Suki is full of love!

Suki's Boutique

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dark Victories

The last time that Mel Odom's "Hollywood Canteen" Ivy Jordan produced by JAMIEshow Dolls visited Dolldom, the star of Monolithic Studios and gal pal to Miss Gene Marshall, portrayed the quintessential blonde glamour queen.

Today, Miss Jordan relishes modeling beautiful fashions chosen to complement her dark hair styles. For as Miss Jordan herself expressed: "Brunettes and redheads have as much fun, maybe even more than blondes! In all truth, the secret is a combination of character and wit." Dolldom could not agree more with Miss Jordan, whose stupendous face sculpt is one of Mel Odom's favorites. For Miss Jordan can remind us of the great Greta Garbo in one shot and of the energetic Rosalind Russell in another. And that ladies and gentleman is a gift that becomes evident in the accompanying portfolio. Quite a victory for dark hair shades!

In a dark brown "Violet" wig cap, Ivy Jordan models a Retros suit made with a vintage nubby knit and recycled fur. The dark hair brings out her glamorous blue eye shadow.

Contrasting Points! The blouse of "Green with Envy", produced by Ashotn-Drake for Mr. Odom's Madra Lord, tops a sexy mini sequined dress by Liz Cole for Retros. The black wig cap's side curls repeat the circular motif.

Baby, Blue? Yes, and a Titian hard cap with by Time of Doll. Miss Jordan's cocktail dress is a fantasy of flocked organza and was made by Liz Cole for Retros. Pearl jewelry by VJT Designs.

Fiery Dame! In "Spotted in Manhattan" Madra Lord's red wig cap, Miss Jordan shines in "A Cool Breeze in Vegas" Oona's sheath and a recycled fur coat by Joshard. Earrings by Joy Jarred.

Red, red and more red. Mix one "Sophia" wig cap in auburn with a luminous cherry red silk satin dress by Liz Cole for Retros for a most intoxicating combination. Pearl jewelry by VJT Designs adds a cooling touch.

Asian Airs. In an ash brown bob hard cap wig by Time of Doll and a vintage brocaded silk sheath by Liz Cole, Miss Jordan is in the mood for love. Peacock necklace by Joy Jarred.

"Hollywood Canteen" Ivy Jordan

Retros by Liz Cole

Time of Doll Wigs

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rocking the Boondocks with Music and Doll Icon Marie Osmond

I'm a little bit country
And I'm a little bit rock 'n roll

I'm a little bit of Memphis and Nashville
With a little bit of Motown in my soul

I don't know if it's good or bad
But I know I love it so
I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock 'n roll
She's a little bit gentle, she's a little bit runnin' wild

She's a little bit a full-grown woman, she's a little bit of a child
Don't know if I'm happy or sad
My music makes me whole
I'm a little bit country
And I'm a little bit rock 'n roll

I like that peaceful easy feeling of a laid-back country song
And when I sing my rock 'n roll, I can sing it all night long
I love my country with all my heart and my soul
I go out on Saturday night for a little bit of rock 'n roll

I know I'm goin' to feel all right
No matter where I go
With a little bit of country
And a little bit of rock 'n roll

Marie Osmond Modeling Doll was made by Mattel in 1976.
Her wardrobe was designed by Liz Cole for Retros

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Glamour Puss Redefined: Hollywood Canteen Ivy Jordan

The spotlight is on Miss Ivy Jordan! The talented actress is mostly known for her savvy comebacks and perfect comedic timing. Yet, sometimes society falls trap to a silly dichotomy: wit and sex-appeal may not always come together harmoniously. To challenge this assumption and to regale our readers' eyes,  Dolldom had the honor of hosting Mel Odom's Miss Ivy Jordan in her "Hollywood Canteen" iteration as manufactured by JAMIEShow Dolls. The results of the fun modeling session are but pat one of a series of entries celebrating the beauty of Miss Jordan and several of her Monolithic Studios' colleagues.
Today we feature Miss Ivy Jordan, Glamour Puss. As a blonde (very platinum) Miss Jordan's deep indigo blue eyeshadow pops and her deep red lips (that pout - so Garbo!) exude you-can't-kiss-me attitude. Who knew? Here she is: Miss Ivy "Vee" Jordan, ultimate glamour puss.

In Marlena's wig, restyled by hairstylist extraordinaire Kathy Johnson, Miss Jordan models her "Hollywood Canteen" skirt and Gene's "Promenade" blouse by Tim Kennedy.

"Hollywood Canteen" Ivy Jordan's fashion consists of two separate pieces that expand the mix-and-match possibilities. The blouse is shown in this photo accompanied by the skirt from "Afternoon Off" designed by Doug James. Ivy loves her platinum grey wig issued on "Hollywood Canteen" Gene Marshall. 

Vogue! Miss Jordan cuts an impressive figuere in "Fashion Plot" designed by Tim Kennedy.

Curves for days! In Liz Cole's in-the-jungle vintage raw silk gown, Miss Jordan will make the ultimate star entrance. Wig restyled by Kathy Johnson.

Goddess! In Timothy Alberts, "Blue Evening", Vee is nothing short of stunning. A rare beauty, indeed.

"Claudette" wig cap in platinum grey adds even more drama to the color palette.

Doll, wig caps, and some of the fashions featured are available at JAMIEshow Dolls
Liz Cole for Retros
Wig restyle by Kathy Johnson (Miss Johnson may be contacted via The Studio Commissary board.)