Sunday, July 9, 2017

Homage to an Icon

The recent introduction of Mel Odom's newest denizen of the ever-surprising world of Gene Marshall - Luna Li- at the annual JAMIEshow Doll convention was a much anticipated event. Miss Li joins Miss Marshall, Trent Osborn, Madra Lord, Violet Waters, Oona, Zita Charles, Ivy Jordan, and Marsha Hunt to Monolithic Pictures' roster of stars.

Rumor had it that the new character would be an Asian actress and fans of Mr. Odom's glamorous universe of motion picture titans were chomping at the bit awaiting her unveiling. For an Asian actress character would undoubtedly evoke the unforgettable images of the iconic Anna May Wong.

Miss Wong is indeed the archetype that continues to inspire the worlds of fashion and beauty and it is her story as the first Chinese-American actress that allows us to once again comprehend the challenges that an individual- no matter her notoriety and standing - has had to face due to the harmful effects of racism in the United States. Nonetheless, Miss Wong triumphs by leaving a legacy of character, style, and beauty that will enlighten many generations to come.

To celebrate both Miss Wong for her contributions to film and to societal change and to welcome Miss Li to the limelight, Miss Liz Cole of Retros created two magnificent dresses evoking the essence of Ana May Wong style. Modeling these two tours de force of construction and beautiful adornment, Miss Li pays tribute to the paragon that is Anna May Wong.

For the film Dangerous to Know, Miss Wong wore a sleek black column dress with trompe l'oeil hand beaded necklace and bracelets designed by Edith Head.


Liz Retros' version makes Luna glow! Created from vintage black knit and hand beaded like the original, it also features a padded shoulders and mutton chop sleeve design.  Luna wears a "Sherazade" wigcap produced by JAMIEshow Doll.

For the film, Limehouse Blues, Miss Wong wore a gown designed by Travis Banton that more than anything reveals the Western fantasy of Asian beauty. Still, it is as iconic as any other famous gown worn in a motion picture.

Liz Retro's vintage brocaded silk version captures the drama to perfection while leaving all of Dolldom's editors in awe of the degree of detailed handwork involved in the rendition of the vintage lurex dragon silhouetted by hand beading. Miss Li wears a "Lamour" wigcap by JAMIEshow Doll, styled with a fringe.

*Dolldom wishes to thank Liz Retros for sharing her boundless talent and for inventing and maintaining Beauty and Glamour to its highest standards. Dolldom also thanks Mr. Odom and JAMIEshow Doll for lending Miss Li for this photographic portfolio.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Lipstick, Spies, and Everything Nice

It's the movie event of the summer of 1962: Monolithic Pictures Red Lotus! Boasting a cast from both sides of the Pacific, Red Lotus is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat with an exciting plot of hidden identities and high-stakes spying within the ever-so-glamorous world of high fashion and cosmetics. For yes, ladies and gentlemen, the secret of a new lipstick formulation can make competing companies go to the extremes!

A dream of a cast makes this movie even more exciting: Gene Marshall plays a U.S. industrial spy, trying to find formulas absconded by a covert conglomerate in Japan.

The indomitable Madra Lord, in a comic role, is the glamorous and sinister cosmetics mogul Madam Gin!

To the delight of audiences worldwide, Red Lotus introduces the beautiful model-cum-actress Luna Li, in the role of a beautiful and dangerous spy! But aren't all spies beautiful in this sensational new motion picture?

In a cameo role, Trent Osborn plays the head of the International Beauty Rescue, and can only be seen in the film on the black and white monitor in Gene's briefcase!

Don't miss Red Lotus
Coming soon to a theater near you!

*Dolldom thanks Mr. Mel Odom and JAMIEshow Dolls for making this entry possible by lending the cast of characters for photography. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

I Live in a House Where Nobody Knows My Name

The interior of vintage dollhouses can evoke emotions galore. Meant to house people, an empty house is, well, empty, and as such becomes an archetype for the self.

On this second post for July 2017 and to follow our previous solitary room interiors study, we present a series of portraits of a Hertwig bisculoid (composition made to resemble bisque) lad, circa 1935, by the name of Emmanuel. But nobody knows his name...yet.

The sewn-on black felt double-breasted suit and peek-a-boo tie knot enhance the fine mold and delicate face paint of this three-inch mister.

Will Emmanuel decide to inhabit the house?

Saturday, July 1, 2017


A vintage Keystone of Boston dollhouse, circa 1947, provides the setting. You provide the story line.

Dolldom's editors feel that a stanza from the song "It's Only Paper Moon" with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Yip Harburg and Billy Rose, sums up the sentiment they evoke.

"It's a Barnum and Bailey world
Just as phony as it can be
But it wouldn't be make believe
If you believed in me."

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Three Faces of Mary

It's officially summer for Joey Versaw's Mary Magpie doll debuts her trilogy of styles for 2017. Ranging from Superhero to vintage bridge tally card lovely, the Summer 2017 collection is bound to please Mary Magpie collectors as well as seduce those who have yet to fall under her spell.

Magnificently crafted by Mr. Versaw out of synthered nylon via 3-D printing, each Mary Magpie doll then undergoes a hand painting process that is artistic, detailed, exact, and above all, a pure expression of Mr. Versaw's drawing and painting style. Many collectors find it hard to believe that the dolls' face-ups are not executed using templates and air brushing. As such, the Mary Magpie doll marries advanced computer graphics and printing processes and the old age art of hand painting a doll's features.

"Bronzed in Beauty"

Mary Magpie shines as a strong and powerful superheroine. Her sculpted body suit is also 3-D printed and then painted by Mr. Versaw. Her articulated body guarantees plenty of action heroine poses.

"Birthday Cake"

"Birthday Cake" is Mr. Versaw's innovative vision of a 25th-century Marie Antoinette. This amazing creation comes with two birdcages with tiny little canaries and 3-D printed shoes. Her face-up palette is as luscious as a display of macarons at Ladurée.


Based on vintage bridge tally card art from the 1930s, redhead finger wave Mary sports a delightful print romper with removable green blouse.

Each style is a limited edition of five.

Mary Magpie's Boutique

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Head and Heart

The evolution of independent artist Joey Versaw's work continues to amaze Dolldom for the innovative nature of its concepts as well as for the dedication to producing a superior hand painted and styled doll.

New for the summer of 2017 is a line of vinyl beauties using the immediately popular Flannery head sculpt previously seen as part of Mr. Versaw's 3-D printed doll collection. An accompanying male doll featuring the Gum head sculpt make up the fantastic A Little Head collection.

Limited to editions of twenty dolls per wave, each style will have a different look and design. The first one, inspired by the late eighties early nineties, is titled "Killer Splash" and will be followed by a beach-themed wave and then by a rhinestone cowboy wave. A total of eight waves will complete the collections offered using these two head sculpts. With only one hundred Gum heads and one hundred Flannery heads broken down to five colors, only twenty of each color are available per character, making each doll very limited and collectible.

For this Dolldom exclusive, a "Bombshell Brunette" Flannery shows off her undeniable character and beauty. She also exemplifies the joy of doll play.

To inquire more about A Little Head or to purchase your own, visit Mr. Versaw's boutique.

In a LBD designed by Bill Greening for Barbie, Flannery is all attitude.

A diaphanous jumper is a modern evocation of a delicate bloom.

Mod-inspired in Francesca Pigliapoco's chain link mini dress, Flannery defines the golden standard.