Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Body Adorned

--> For what is more decadent than the feel of jewelry on bare skin?
The inimitable Joy Jarred designs a richly layered collection of sensuous gems for 2018.

RDG Doll's Lucien shows off his full chest tattoo and his collection of gold and silver ball chain necklaces. See-through shirt and wig by Chewin. Tattoo and face-up by Rimdoll.

Superdoll's Ivory "Fortune Hunter" plays fairy queen in a bib of opalescent purple beads with bronze dragon crest.

RDG Doll's Ujjwala is resplendent in opulent emerald Swarovski crystal necklaces. Wig by Time of Doll.   

A bubble-wrap coat that doubles as a headdress is perfect foil for RDG Doll Soo's peacock blue beads and dark nickel butterflies.

JAMIEshow's Alejandro may spend the day fixing plane engines in his Chewin denim chambray jumpsuit, but underneath and close to his heart, he wears red coral and vintage "No Evil Monkey" beads, and ruby Swarovski crystals.

Fiore di aprile
JAMIEshow's Sofia revels in the glow of golden blossoms, white Swarovski crystals, and plum beads.

JAMIEshow's Lauren models two show-stopping necklaces of silver, turquoise, and midnight-blue Swarovski crystals. Wig by Chewin.

V.Jhon's "Nightingale" Molly Hayward is aglow in a collection of gold, diamonds, cabochon semi-precious stones, and clear acrylic pebble necklaces.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Decadent Dolls?

The dolls of Julian S. Kalinowski  are all the rage, as the British doll maker continues to delight collectors with new faces and experiments. At first glance, it could be easy to say that Mr. Kalinowski's S-Girls, with their three distinct sculpts and OOAK fashions, are the best example of decadent exuberance. Yet, to enlighten our understanding and eliminate these superficial perceptions, Dolldom went right to the source - the doll maker himself. 

Dolldom: Aren't the S-Girls' Stella, Sable and Sylvain your current experiment in decadence?

Mr. Kalinowski: My work is not about decadence. I work within the limitations of my ability and in what's available for me to use. I'm restricted within the discipline of my own limitations. In that regard, my work is the opposite of 'decadent'. My dolls are not fashion dolls. They are 'anti fashion' dolls. Fashion is transient, it's part of its definition. I take inspiration from pre-existing 'classic ' ideas, appropriate everything, and put it together in a new way to create a 'dolly bricolage '. I learned my craft by copying the classics. That is the oldest, established method of becoming an artist. I cut my teeth by painting two thousand Lilli dolls and that taught me gestural painting; the discipline of a factory worker. After that I applied what I'd learnt to Séverine, my first 'original' doll. She was my mood board and my opportunity to experiment with ideas. Now, with the S girls, I'm working consecutively in two different ways; Sable and Stella are orthodox dolls, they are pretty and generic. But Sylvain is my first art doll as she is at odds with the accepted notion of what a doll is about. Everything about her is intentionally ambiguous.

In the end, it is up to collectors to decide how they wish to characterize their dolls. Mr. Kalinowski enjoys the fact that those who acquire his dolls project their own fantasies when photographing and playing with his creations. For that is the power of the doll as a receptacle for one's hopes, dreams, and perspective on life. 

Sylvain, Stella, and Sable overpower the salon with their unique fashion tastes.  Fashions by Debbie Farne Sang and Mode de M.

Mad Dash
Having gotten lost in the forest, Stella, Sable and Sylvain make the most of the natural surroundings. Fashions by LizRetros, Rosina Haskell, and Clare Duncan.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Jackpot Question

It's that night of the year. Dolldom invites you to create and recreate with these images of idealized elegance and poise, only possible in the realm of dolls, accompanied by fragments from the 1947 Frank Loesser classic.

Here comes
The jackpot question in advance:
What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Mel Odom's "Hollywood Canteen" Gene Marhsall and Zita Charles, as manufactured by JAMIEshow are ready for a sensational eve in classics by Ashton-Drake and Integrity Toys. Wigs by JAMIEshow. Gene's hair by Kathy Johnson.

Barbie borrows from her idol Doris Day in this Juliet Whorton black and beaded bling classic.

Mel Odom's "Hollywood Canteen" Violet Waters chooses green for hope in an Ashton-Drake produced gown. Wig by JAMIEshow.

Wonder whose arms
Will hold you good and tight
When it's exactly
Twelve o'clock that night

JAMIEshow's Eshe and Alejandro express their sense of style in a Théâtre de la Mode classic by Tonner Doll and in red beads by Joy Jarred. Ale's jumpsuit by Chewin. Hair by JAMIEShow.

Maybe I'm crazy to suppose
I'd ever be the one you chose

JAMIEshow's Lauren is icy elegance in a Regina Wentworth classic cocktail dress. Hair by Chewin.

Aah, but in case I stand one little chance...

JAMIEshow's Sofia and Lee are the final pair - classic in black and a touch of red wine. Sofia models Jamieshow's blouse and RDGdoll's skirt, while Lee is a consummate gent in his Chewin black suit and wig. Sofia's wig by Time of Doll by Ilaria Mazzoni. Italian style bar by Darren Cole for Retros.

Best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2018!

Friday, December 29, 2017

A Secret Storyboard

The following series of images suggests many a possible scenario. Dolldom invites you, dear reader, to make up your own and most importantly - to keep it to yourself, inside your heart of hearts.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rosina's Fashions' Runway Fantasy

Creator of the label Rosina's Fashions, Rosina Haskell is very much smitten with the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. With style heroines, such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana, most of Rosina Haskell's collections are based on these icons fashion styles. Although her creations focus mainly on 12"-inch dolls, Mel Odom's Gene Marshall - in all her iterations - is one of the British designer's favorite stars. Ms. Haskell explains: "With Gene, I go back to the 1940s and 50s and can indulge in the creation of voluminous skirts, fabulous ball gowns, smart suit ensembles and loads of matching accessories."

As for her creative process, Ms. Haskell allows the textile to do most of the guiding. She adds: "I mainly use lightweight fabrics such as cottons and silks were possible, but if I see a suitable pattern that just begs to be sewn into a 50's bell dress or slim sheath dress, well I just go to town on it."

Ms. Haskell loves to experiment and explore new ideas and enjoys collaborating with her customers as it is in these exchanges that she finds the most fun in what she calls "this passion of mine". Rosina's Fashions website is a treasure trove of ideas and her open invitation to talk and create something special and unique makes Ms. Haskell one of Dolldom's most respected artists.

For more information and eye candy, visit Rosina's Fashion's.

Mel Odom's Violet Waters, produced by JAMIEshow sings of love in Rosina's Fashions' silk brocade qipao.

"Golden Gossamer" is Ms. Haskell's tribute to 1960s' evening glamour.

An early Ashton-Drake-produced Gene Marshall is perfection encased in its golden lace cape.

But so is a JAMIEshow-produced "Hollywood Canteen" Gene Marshall!

"On Holiday" is a classic full skirt with knit top ensemble, perfect for early fall outings with the addition on a green neckerchief and felt beret. Ashton-Drake-produced "Lucky Stripe" Gene Marshall is sensational in it.

JAMIEshow-produced "Phoenix" adds a touch of coquettish flair with her hand-on-hip pose.

"Press Release" is JAMIEshow-produced "Phoenix"Gene Marshall's favorite day look. White polka dots on navy cotton provide a classic palette. Straw hat by Richard's Originals on e-Bay.

A "Shanghai Siren" Gene Marshall by Ashton-Drake, on an Integrity Toys' Gene Marshall body, gives the look a try and runs with it too!

Smart suits are hard-to-find due to the work that their construction requires. Rosina's Fashion's wool version is a winner on "Winged Inspiration" Gene Marshall, produced by Ashton-Drake, with it's matching velvet collar and pocket details. Feather fascinator by Richard's Originals on e-Bay.

But wait! So sensational is the suit that JAMIEshow-produced "Hollywood Canteen" Madra Lord demanded to model it for a Life magazine article.

"Asian Dreams" is a beautiful qipao in graphic cotton sateen worn by an Ashton-Drake-produced "Simply Gene Platinum" Gene Marshall, restyled by Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

To close Rosina's Fashions runway fantasy, JAMIEshow-produced "Cool Breeze in Vegas" Oona dons the sensational qipao.

For more information and eye candy, visit Rosina's Fashion's. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fierce and Foxy

Julian S. Kalinowski's new line of dolls, the S-Girls, have loads of fun modeling very cool couture. For this mid-October Dolldom entry, black versions of Sylvain and Stella pay homage to Jack Hill's Foxy Brown in luxurious pantsuits created by the talented Clare Duncan of Clare's Couture. Located in Brisbane, Australia, Ms. Duncan's  designs are genuine one-of-a-kind as she conceives, creates and stitches each outfits herself.  Ms. Duncan has always enjoyed the company of Barbie dolls and her fascination with their world of miniaturized fashion has never diminished. Ms. Duncan now join forces with Mr. Kalinowski to create exciting styles for the one-of-a-kind S-Girls. For more information, visit Clare's Couture Facebook page.

A Real Shakedown! Clare's Couture and the S-Girls. Foxyland! Necklaces by Joy Jarred.

Olive green and golden brocade pantsuit is luxe and leggy.

Pistachio was never yummier with golden thread embroidery at waist.

First-ever black Stella is Foxy incarnate.

Sylvain gives good face - profile style.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

S Is for Snowdance and S-Girls

Sylvia Campbell is a superstar. Her talent is treasured by countless collectors whose fortunate dolls wear Miss Campbell's Snowdance Fashions - be it as reproductions of the Barbie doll's hardest-to-find ensembles or original and most inspired designs. But it is not only the Barbie doll who enjoys the luxury and beauty of Snowdance Fashions, for Miss Campbell has collaborated with hand painted doll superstar Julian S. Kalinowski over the years in many a project. Hard to imagine a special Lilli Lalka who has not been regaled with a Snowdance fashion. And Séverine - the now mythical creature whose Facebook Je suis Séverine group continues to bring together people from all over the world - fabulously modeled OOAK creations by Miss Campbell is a past Dolldom entry. So it was only natural that Mr. Kalinowski's new S-Girls followed suit.

Miss Campbell has created a sublime red, black and white collection that is nothing but exuberant, elegant, and yes, sexy. Using lace in all the right places and giving sparkly Lurex the chance to get out of the Solo-in-the-Spotlight cliché, this latest Snowdance Fashions collection for the sensational S-Girls takes the dialogue on dolls to yet another level of depth.

For more information on both artists' work, visit or call on them!
S-Girls by Julian S. Kalinowski
Snowdance Fashions by Sylvia Campbell

Crown Jewel. Sylvain reigns supreme in vintage lace and Lurex.

Yes and No. Sable loves the polar opposites of this 60s-inspired lace suit.

Vintage and Ageless. Come on! Can't it get any more gorgeous? A special Lurex and vintage lace gown is modeled by the first ever black Stella.

Coquette. Stella plays along with our photographer's posing suggestions in this ready-for-cocktails bubble dress.

Grecian Greatness. One bare shoulder dress of apple-red lace gives Stella a chance to be a Hellenic goddess.

Archangel. Angel of love Sylvain takes us to Cloud Nine in a white lace version of the one-bare-arm dress. 

Gowns Go Grand! A Barbie Japanese market exclusive gown is re-imagined by Miss Campbell as a glorious confection of sparkling beads and creamy silk satin for Mr. Kalinowski's S-Girls Sylvain and Sable.

Beads and Beauty. Courtesy of Sylvia Campbell's Snowdance and Julian S. Kaslinowski's S-Girl Sylvain.