Sunday, February 11, 2018

Spring Knits

As winter withers and the sun begins to stay for a visit every day a little longer, both body and soul anticipate the arrival of spring and its promise of fairer weather.

To mark the moment, Dolldom ventured outside with Julian Kalinowski's S-Girls, Stella, Sable, and Sylvain, to capture an evocation of primavera. The occasion called for significance: the human spirit weathers the onslaught of hail, rain, snow, and brutal winds. Perseverance became our theme. The knitted garment evidences resolution and steadfastness for without such character traits, it would not exist - unless, like Penelope, one has a very good reason to undo every night what was achieved under pressure during the day. But we digress.

Henrietta Lockhart's knitted fashions for dolls, designed under the label HillCrestBarbies, combine ecological conscience, vintage style sensibilities, and a delicious palette of yarns. A museum curator by day, Ms. Lockhart spends much of her time handling historical objects. At home, a small collection of mod-era Barbie dolls from the late 60s and early 70s calls on her to design and knit unique outfits sometimes using thrifted materials. Although the clothes are designed primarily to fit the vintage Barbie body, the fit on the S-Girls' more curvaceous body (wider hips and smaller bosom) is ever so perfect. Dolldom's editors are obsessed with the heirloom quality, vintage feel, and originality of Ms. Lockhart's knitted treasures.

Venture outdoors with Miss Lockhart and the S-Girls with the accompanying exclusive portfolio and make sure that you visit her boutique. There is surely one very special doll in your collection who is looking forward to a new knitted fashion for this coming spring.


Pimples! Off-white and salmon yarns interlock in this classic sheath. Necklace by Joy Jarred. Modeled by Sable.

Chocolate and caramel yarns with hints of gold render this cap-sleeved sheath named Gourmande.
Modeled by Sylvain.

Printemps! Spring defined: variegated lavenders and greens with hints of golden sunshine. Lariat by Joy Jarred. Modeled by Sable.

Al fresco! Lemon bars with a touch of rosemary come to mind thanks to this hostess two-piece set inspired by a vintage design. Modeled by Stella.

Crocus watch! Soon the ground will recite its poem of color. Sable awaits the moment in The Balcony, a blue-grey cocktail dress with stole neckline design.

Adieu, Alcatraz! Navy and buckwheat stripes provide freedom in Parallelism, an apron style cocktail dress modeled by Sylvain.

Hidden Nature. Sylvain goes to work in a stupendous chimney-collared two piece set combining sky blue, cocoa and lavender yarns.

Love you, Emma Peel! Springtime is the time for playing with dolls outdoors. Sylvain enacts a dangerous scene from her favorite TV show in this HillCrestBarbie's tour de force jumpsuit aptly named Will and Moxie.

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