Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fierce and Foxy

Julian S. Kalinowski's new line of dolls, the S-Girls, have loads of fun modeling very cool couture. For this mid-October Dolldom entry, black versions of Sylvain and Stella pay homage to Jack Hill's Foxy Brown in luxurious pantsuits created by the talented Clare Duncan of Clare's Couture. Located in Brisbane, Australia, Ms. Duncan's  designs are genuine one-of-a-kind as she conceives, creates and stitches each outfits herself.  Ms. Duncan has always enjoyed the company of Barbie dolls and her fascination with their world of miniaturized fashion has never diminished. Ms. Duncan now join forces with Mr. Kalinowski to create exciting styles for the one-of-a-kind S-Girls. For more information, visit Clare's Couture Facebook page.

A Real Shakedown! Clare's Couture and the S-Girls. Foxyland! Necklaces by Joy Jarred.

Olive green and golden brocade pantsuit is luxe and leggy.

Pistachio was never yummier with golden thread embroidery at waist.

First-ever black Stella is Foxy incarnate.

Sylvain gives good face - profile style.

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