Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ring In The New

It's that time of year!

Dolldom rings out the old and rings in the new with all its readers and friends with a monochromatic extravaganza featuring Mel Odom's glamorous Monolithic Studios crowd as manufactured by JAMIEshow Dolls.

Red is for love, of course, but it is also the color of the spirited pursuits of passion.

Maraschino Mix
It's all about intoxicating red, perfect for a holiday gala: "Phoenix" in "Unforgettable," Ivy in "All Dolled-Up" and Zita in Sandra Stillwell's "Toast of Manhattan."

Really Rouge
It's a passionate hue! Violet wears satin by Retros, Zita dons her "Silhouette of the 1930's" dress and a silver lariat by Joy Jarred, and Ivy is a glamour puss in FDQ's "J'adore" suit.

Green is the color of creative energy, of life, of seduction...

Verdant Victory
How green is their valley! Violet croons in a Tyler Wentworth suit, Zita sizzles in Michael Basala elegance, and "White Orchid" Gene seduces in "Green with Envy." Jewelry by Joy Jarred.

As in a Forest Glen 
Ivy is fern-fresh in her "Silhouette of the 1950s" dress, Madra slithers in "My Favorite Gift" and Oona steals the show in Retros' beaded cape and dress set. Hat by Michael Basala.

Blue is for reflection, introspection, calmness, deep and heartfelt emotions...

Blue Moon 
A musical evening is sweet thanks to Violet Water's melodious voice and her "Starlight Canteen's" gown.

Navy Vamps 
The ladies of Monolithic Studios arrive en masse! What out Reuben Lilienthal! Ivy chooses "Tea at The Plaza," "J'adore" Gene goes for "Mood Indigo" and a Peggy Feltrope top hat, and Oona goes all out in her "Cool Breeze in Vegas" sheath.

Pink is the fragrance of late spring, the color of joyful clouds in the sun, of cotton candy...

Time for Pink Bubbles 
Zita is the hostess with the mostess in Laurie Lyon's "Sophisticated Dress." Trent mixes the Mimosas in his "Le Jazz Hot" fashion as Ivy arrives in her "Pearls and Pink" suit.

Royal Roses
Princess Gene in her "Phoenix" iteration greets visiting dignitaries in "Avant Garde." Queen Oona smiles in approval in a gown called "Triumph." Necklace by VJT Designs.

Black! Where all colors come to hide when they need a respite from light.

Black and White Star Quality "Black Lipstick" shines in monochrome in a black satin dress and hat by Brenda Starr.

A Great LBD
"Black Lipstick" Gene shows off her curves in "Rich Girl's" sensational LBD and a necklace by Joy Jarred.

Dolldom wishes you peace, health, love, and plenty of opportunities to pursue creative endeavors in 2017!

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