Monday, September 5, 2016


Suki visits Dolldom!

Suki is a new doll created by Elizabeth Lee in a limited edition of 400. Drawing inspiration from a wealth of genres, cultures, and periods, Suki is, in the words of her creator, "an adaptation and much needed revision of the neglected and much maligned costume doll."

Suki is hand painted with the intention of giving each doll a life and character that will be interpreted by her owner.

Created for the adult collector of unusual dolls, Suki boasts rooted hair in blonde or raven. A small number of Suki dolls will also be offered with wigs.

Suki's body is based on the sculpt of Sebino's Bettina and is such represents a young teenager. Yet, Suki lends herself to being dressed as a younger child. Suki is a play doll who loves to be dressed and redressed. Do you like to sew? Suki will be the perfect model. And if you prefer modern styles, Suki will certainly model them well. Homemade hand knits? Bring them on! Vintage styles? Perfect on Suki! Suki is intended to be a doll to dress and play with - and make things for, no matter how simple. And she is a nice size for this at 17 inches, not too small, not too big.

Suki is cross cultural, according to Ms. Lee, and her skin tone was carefully selected to be very ambivalent - she can be Asian, Latino, Indian, or anything you chose. Ms. Lee hopes that Suki will appeal to a wide range of collectors for Suki is full of love!

Suki's Boutique

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