Friday, July 15, 2016

I Will Never Meet You

I will never meet you.

Because I will never be.

I'm one of five prototype dolls.

My creator, Julian Kalinowski, made me but, alas...

I am an aborted project. I'm I Will Never Meet You doll. I will forever remain in my maker's custody.

Nonetheless, Dolldom, thanks to Mr. Kalinowski's graciousness, is lucky to present its readers an exclusive portfolio of two of the five prototypes in colorful fashions.  Mr. Kalinowski has assured us too that this strong character sculpt will reappear - redux - in an upcoming line of hand painted dolls. Dolldom celebrates already in anticipation.

Liz Retros sparkly knit sheath and Maryann Roy cap capture the sporty spirit of I Will Never Meet You doll.

Tomato red bead necklace by Joy Jarred! 

Red, more red! A Liz Retros suit in one of her vintage signature Lurex treasures and a Dior hat. And that face. And those lips.

Big and beautiful lips.

Princess I Will Never Meet You. A vintage mystery dress and Barbie's crown. Gloves from BFMC and human ear cuff bracelets from H&M.


Coquette! Chanteuse royale! In Liz Retros' sexy strapless wonder.

Bandeau hat by Joshard. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Remember my lips for they'll be back soon.

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