Saturday, July 9, 2016

Beads and Stones

Fashion dolls live to model. They model everything and anything under the sun. It's their raison d'être. They arrive in their boxes, tied with satin ribbons, and come alive when released from their glamorous bondage, more captivating than before, just in order to demonstrate their gratitude. Beautiful dolls. Fascinating creatures like this year's BFMC Silkstone Classic Black Dress dolls offered by Mattel at conventions the world over.

For this Dolldom exclusive, our editors chose to regale them with the very best in dressmaking. 100% hand made. 100% hand beaded. For no other process reveals craftsmanship and dedication to beauty than the luxurious application of decoration to fabric. Beads, stones, montées, pailletes, baguettes, bugle beads...

Dolldom is honored to present the work of designer Mark G. Harris.

Mr. Harris, known to many as a modern day American Lesage, approaches the process with a strong intellectual stance: each design is measured, balanced, and then lavishly executed on the very best color saturated silks. In this day and age when we allow machines to release us from the work we used to do with our hands, it is most rare to encounter an artist who, in joyful silence, works away in his atelier creating miniature tours de force such as the ones modeled by the forever beautiful Barbie doll.

Mr. Harris, who has immersed himself in the vernacular of '50s Dior, is currently making mock-ups for cocktail dresses. Created for his label Mode de M (M for Mark), Mr. Harris accepts a limited number of commissions each quarter. For more information, contact Mr. Harris via Mode de M.

Modèle M2-001  Café au lait 
Creamy light brown silk sprinkled with sucreries.

Modèle M2-002 Midori
Burnished gold and iridescent blue adorn refreshing green silk.

Modèle M2-003 Chambord
Royal hues combine in this cape and cocktail dress ensemble.

Mode de M by Mark G. Harris

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