Sunday, July 24, 2016

Barbie and Bakh Tier

The recent revision of the Silkstone Barbie Fashion Model Collection dolls with it's new articulated body and slightly altered body dimensions inspired Dolldom to revisit an old friend: Russian artist and designer Bakh Tier, featured in 2011 in an issue of Haute Doll magazine.

Bakh Tier's vision presents an exciting and daring fashion future for today. Beguilingly minimal and masterfully cut and constructed, the Bakhtiër garment features architectural elements that echo man’s desire to challenge gravity. Yet, with a single turn, the Bakhtiër fashion transforms and surprises us with its organic softness in its evocation of nature.

In this exclusive entry, Portuguese and French convention souvenir Classic Black Dress Barbie dolls model once again the sensational designs of Bakh Tier.

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  1. Love,love , love the catsuit photo. Very cool and avant garde. Nice work