Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Elf Himself

Katarina Karsberg, creator of the beloved Myling doll, continues to expand her wondrous world of characters. Born from a quick doodle, Secret Summer, in its 3D form evolved considerably when the porcelain artist and illustrator sat down to sculpt.


Ms. Karsberg explains: "I wanted to create a fun little fairy-sprite sort of character, just a fun and friendly little creature! I was experimenting with the face a lot, trying to find something I hadn't seen before."

Dolldom thinks that the goal was attained masterfully as Secret Summer (shown in his Chibi version) brings a most unique point of view to the realm of porcelain mignonette dolls.

Dolldom's Secret Summer Chibi, a boy elf who goes by the name of Poc, enjoys hiding behind books, only to come out when one least expects him to, but when he does come out, it's nothing short of magic!

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