Friday, December 18, 2015

May the Holidays Begin!

It's time! Mel Odom's Gene Marshall, star supreme in her JAMIEshow-produced "Holiday Gala" iteration rings in the holiday season. Once again, Mr. Odom and JAMIEshow collaborate on a stunning celebration of the Gene Marshall myth.

The dressed doll boasts a completely new make-up scheme and like all three previous iterations, a different shape of lip, making "Holiday Gala" another unique doll. And what about the fashion?

Mr. Odom explains: " For "Holiday Gala" JAMIEshow Gene, I found a fashion illustration of this early 1950s design done by a mid-level, 7th Ave. fashion house. I loved the bodice and two-toned sleeves, and changed the narrow skirt to pants for a sort of holiday, slightly bad-girl look. The shoes I found doing research and they all just fit together for Holiday Gala...or "Holiday Gal-a"! I shopped for the fabrics on 40th Street and sent them to China. George González was in approval the whole way."

And such a special doll ought to be displayed in a special setting. And "Holiday Gala" certainly does as she arrives protectively cocooned in what becomes her dressing room in classy dark grey with an ornate mirror, console and vanity bench.

For this Dolldom exclusive, "Holiday Gala Gene" wears three variations of the JAMIEshow rooted wigcap: her original style,  a blonde "Claudette", and another blonde one restyled by hairdresser extraordinaire Kathy Johnson.

It's time to celebrate with Gene Marshall once again! Congratulations to Mr. Odom and JAMIEshow on yet another stupendous gem.


  1. What a beauty...not a hair out of place! I love her coloring. :)

  2. Dear Farrah Lily! Thank you for your visit and comment. I'll admit to suffering from OCD - so thanks to Kathy Johnson for styling the wig cap. Her work is flawless.