Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cósmica Séverine

Dolldom remembers the days when the prospect of space travel and exploration inspired children to project their fantasies on their Matt Mason figures or Liddle Kiddle Cosmic Greenie Meenie dolls. It was a time when Martian attacks were expected and desired, and the monsters from outer space populated many a B-movie.

For this late September entry, Dolldom channels the feeling of those days with a special photo spread featuring Julian Kalinowski's Séverine doll. This particular model appeared on e-Bay and our vigilant assistants were able to snatch her thanks to the Buy It Now feature. It's quite addictive, they say.

Séverine, in her Cósmica version wears a Lurex knit mini by super duper designer Rosina Haskell, who also fashioned a pair of silver metallic gloves. She has panties to match. But it has to be the out-of-this-world color palette and swept-by-solar-winds hairstyling that makes this OOAK (all Séverine dolls are, BTW!) Séverine the ultimate Queen of Cosmic Dreams. Where else, we at Dolldom wonder, can the collector of the unique find such an example of beauty, but chez Mr. Kalinowski? Only chez lui.

Yes, the future of fashion dolls is handmade. And the future is here. Séverine exemplifies it.

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