Friday, April 17, 2015

Star Exquisite

Star Exquisite

A Tribute to Miss Gene Marshall on Her Twentieth Anniversary 

"I loved the name Gene because it was not only the name of one of my favorite movie stars but the basic unit of human characteristic. I decided Gene would be about being human." - Mel Odom

Mel Odom's Gene Marshall, elegant Silver Screen goddess, has made the world hold its breath with her beauty, charisma, and acting talent ever since her debut in 1995. And just like legendary star Joan Crawford, who went from MGM to Warner Brothers and then became an independent actress, Miss Marshall has adapted to the many changes in the fashion doll collecting market in order to continue to share her magic. After twenty years gracing thousands of collections and allowing us to bask in the platinum glow of her cinematic life, Gene Marshall, the groundbreaking doll of the 1990's, is nothing but a Star Exquisite.

Like a blue angel, an early "Monaco" by Ashton-Drake, models "Blue Goddess" designed by Tim Kennedy.

Studio Meeting
An early "Red Venus" by Ashton-Drake models a suit by Tonner Doll Company and a cape and turban set by Liz Cole for Retros.

"All About The Eyes" Gene by Integrity gives "Red Venus" a try.

"I made Gene because I wanted her as a doll, and there was nothing like her in the market. She was everything I wanted" - Mel Odom

Full Circle
Integrity's "It's A Cinch" brought back the early look of grey eyebrows and deep red lips, perfect for a black and white film.

Petit Trésor
Integrity Toy's miniaturized version of Gene, part of the "Hollywood Royalty" proves that Gene Marshall can rule at any scale.

Doll Perfected
For many, JAMIEShow's "Phoenix" is the ultimate expression of The Gene Marshall Mystique and perhaps the most refined version of the doll.Phoenix wears "Brave New World," a design from Sandra Stillwell's "Radio Days" convention in 2012. JAMIEShow wig cap restyled by Kathy Johnson.

Thrills and Chills 
JAMIEshow and FDQ collaborated on "J'adore," a saturated color beauty in smooth resin. Trent and Gene starred in Albert Smirnoff's thriller, The Northest Northpoint.

 Au naturel  
JAMIEShow-manufactured Trent Osborn and "White Orchid" Gene play lovers who eschew society for a life lived in the midst of nature. Wardrobe designed by Liz Cole for Retros.

Happy 20th Anniversary, 
Gene Marshall!


  1. Did Kathy Johnson also style the wig cap in the last photo, of Gene and Trent in the tropics?

    1. Hi, Vince, yes she did. An entry right here on her superb work on JS's wig caps is forthcoming. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Your photographs show off Gene to perfection. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Troy, for the visit and the comment. Isn't Gene a beautiful doll? All her iterations offer something uniquely beautiful.