Friday, April 24, 2015

Les parsiennes

À Paris, sur la terre, la terre qui est un astre...

For this Friday Fashion Fantasy, JAMIEShow's Demi Couture Ginny, Grace, and Eshe transform yet again via wigs and dress to become elegant ladies of fashion.  And they travel all over the world modeling styles inspired by Parisian high fashion.

JAMIEshow's resin ball-jointed Demi Couture (on sale now, as per George González) offer the possibility to have one hundred dolls in one - all it takes is the time for collectors to express their creativity.  It's not a new concept as fashion dolls are meant to model fashions. But these superbly crafted ladies take the idea to another level with their smooth resin bodies, magnificent face-up designs, and easy-to-change hairstyles. With a different wig cap (or wig) the doll is new to the eyes. And what can we say about the way they make older styles look new and more dynamic? We will allow the accompanying images do the talking...

Déjeuner du matin...Elle a mis du sucre dans la tasse de café...

Demi Couture Ginny models Integrity Toy's suit designed for Victoire Roux by Chris Stoeckle. Her hair is Demi Couture Eshe's wig cap that Dolldom's stylists relaxed into soft waves. Jewelry from Mattels' BFMC.

Mon amour
Ma beauté
Et te trouver
Là où tu es.
 Demi Couture's Grace is seductive in black from head to toe. Mattel's Robert Best-designed Givenchy gown and stole lend velvety luxury while vintage Midge's top-knot wig takes Grace to the stratosphere of high glamour.

Quel jour sommes-nous
Nous sommes tous les jours
Mon amie
Nous sommes toute la vie
Mon amour
Demi Couture's Eshe closes the show in an early Jason Wu design for Integrity Toy's Fashion Royalty line. The suit is adorned with jewelry from Mattel's BFMC and a picture hat by James Bogue.

JAMIEshow's Demi Couture


  1. Hi Ernesto
    Gorgeous! The costumes are brilliant. Lovely photos as always :)-Farrah

  2. Another inspiring fashion shoot! I like to dress dolls in tailored outfits as much as gowns, so it is nice to see them represented.

    The Demi dolls are indeed on sale, and I took the opportunity to acquire the last of the three I needed: Eshe. Why these dolls aren't more popular is beyond me. The quality is excellent, and wigged dolls have so many more opportunities for "play."