Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Dreary Genealogy

noun \-jē\
: the study of family history
: the history of a particular family showing how the different members of the family are related to each other

Tonner Doll Company's Agnes and Viktor Dreary play endlessly in a spooky manor enveloped in dark fog. Theirs is a somber and silent world shared with the older and simply named Sister and Brother. But most collectors wonder if the Dreary Twins do not have more of an extended family tree? After all, it takes a village to raise a child, even if said children live in a world of shadows and eternal dusk.

For example: who takes care of Agnes and Viktor's education in botany and taxidermy? Is anyone in charge of the family's lugubrious gatherings? Who is responsible for maintaining these indisputable fashion plates' armoires? Who teaches sad ballads to these eerie bambini?

These and many more questions are explored in this Fashion Doll Quarterly exclusive in the hope that those who enjoy TDC's Drearydom in their collections may create their own extended family trees. The wealth of character sculpts that Tonner Doll Company has issued through the years for many of its fashion doll lines makes this creative endeavor not only easy but also fun and cost-effective. Maybe all the collector needs to do is adorn an haute couture queen with a tulle stole and a fancy hat and baptize her with a-new-yet-obscure-name to turn her into an eminent Dreary progenitor.

Role Models
A restyled "Another Dreary Day" Agnes in "Dreary Days" and a first issue Viktor (with installed glass eyes by Jim Ash, a top hat by Peggy Feltrope, and a little gentleman fashion by Andrea Jacques for The Doll Workshop) stroll the garden at dusk with silently handsome Brother. But who is the little witch girl? That's cousin Ottilie whose love of her Ben Cooper Halloween mask (from the Let's Pretend doll line by Fun World) keeps anyone from ever seeing her face.

"Dinner Doldrums" Agnes poses with her favorite antique porcelain-headed play pal in her dry-blood red dress. A first issue Viktor (with installed glass eyes by Jim Ash and a hand-knit skull sweater by Liz Cole) wonders who is hiding behind them. Vintage ghost costume by Our Sweet Creations.

Someone to Watch Over Me
"Odd One Out" Viktor plays hide-and-seek with Ottilie. Or is it another cousin? Ben Cooper vampire mask from Let's Pretend doll by Fun World.

Bloom Gloom 
Sometimes it's best to play alone in a corner of the vast garden. "Stone Cold" Agnes, engrossed in her reverie, fails to feel the presence of Countess Flora Cavendish (née "Regina Returns" from the Tyler Wentworth line) who has inhabited the left wing of Dreary Manor for time immemorial. The Countess wears the gown from "Mystique Angelina" and a hat made from the best that can be harvested from a forest floor after a windstorm. Feathers, withered flowers, and a lonely tiny bird (hidden) find a home in this evocative confection by Peggy Feltrope. "Stone Cold" Agnes shows her new face-up designed and painted by Jay's Petite Salon.

Where's the Picnic?
A first issue Viktor is fascinated by the effect that he has on her second cousin twice removed, Lady Lottie Larson, (a "Basic Euphemia" from Tonner Doll Company's Cinderella line) who in Sister Dreary's "Covered in Darkness" coat and a fascinator hat by Peggy Feltrope cannot control her phobia for big bugs. Viktor's "The Fly" costume was created by Liz Cole for her Retros label.

Music Lesson
Émilie Poulin a former danseuese, (née "New York City Ballet Basic Emilie" by Tonner Doll Company) left the madness of the Paris ballet limelight for a quieter life as head governess at Dreary Manor. To impart music lessons to an unwilling Viktor, Emilie wears Ellowyne Wilde's "Chills" fashion and a top hat fascinator by Peggy Feltrope. Viktor wears separates from Ignite's Napoleon Bonaparte's uniform. Glass eye installation by Jim Ash. A question remains? Has Émilie noticed Agnes escaping with her doll?

Little Lady
"Another Dreary Day" Agnes learns how to maintain proper pose and walk like a lady from Sophronia Winterbottom, (née "Basic Euphemia" from Tonner Doll Company's Cinderella line) her charm and manners tutor, who dressed in Sister's first issue dress and a hat by Peggy Feltrope, has come a long way from being just a nasty step-sister.

Sartorial Secrets
"Scary Christmas" Viktor poses with great aunt Tallulah de La Falaise (Tonner Doll Company's "Evil Queen" from the company's Snow White collection) who in Superfrock's "Basique Noir" separates and a black velvet hat by Peggy Feltrope, keeps the twins' fashionably dressed thanks to her many connections with the elite of the haute couture world.

Resources for Readers:
OOAK hats by Peggy Feltrope for Feltrope Studios

Agnes and Viktor's glass eyes by Jim Ash

"Stone Cold Agnes Dreary" Face-Up by Jay's Petite Salon

"The Fly" costume and other fashions by Liz Cole for Retros

Vintage ghost costume by Our Sweet Creations

Viktor’s white shirt, black slacks and suspender set by The Doll Workshop by Andrea Jacques.


  1. I had to come back!!!! I have been wanting to do a line of black/gothic for a really reeeeeeeally long time!!! What Inspiration!!!!

  2. niesamowite fotki - czekam na własną ślicznotkę z serii circus :) a długowłosy mężczyzna mnie zaintrygował...