Sunday, July 6, 2014

Artist's Proof

Vintage Skipper had many detailed fashions. Some were girl versions of her sister Barbie's most iconic looks while others were original designs that reflected the interests of a girl in the mid 1960s. One activity never portrayed was an artist's get-up. Following the sentiment of our previous "What If...?" post, a vintage titian Skipper doll from 1965 models Retros' version of the never produced artist's fashion.

Skipper's smock is made of vintage print fabric. Her turtleneck striped sweater goes over sparkly black knit cigarette pants.

Her perky felt beret is classic French style.

Liz Cole also created the paint palette and brush miniatures so that Skipper can indulge in her artistic impulses.


  1. This is so adorable! Every piece Skipper wears is gorgeous. I love the pants too. Linda

  2. Thank you, Linda! The pants are a bit on the sophisticated side but I think Skipper knows (after learning from big sister Barbie) how to be an excellent fashion model too.