Sunday, January 26, 2014

On The Town

On the town, tonight. An elegant town. With elegant folk. Dolldom remembers the days when mothers and fathers would leave the suburban ranch all decked-out for a night on the town!

To bask in the soft glow of such sweet memories, Dolldom features a most scintillating fashion: On The Town, designed by New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology founders Jay E. Watkins and Edward Roberts for Marx and Co.'s Miss Seventeen doll.

As fashion doll scholar Beauregard Houston Montgomery writes in his not-to-be-missed tome Designer Fashion Dolls (Hobby House Press, 1999): "Though herself poorly executed, Miss Seventeen is ravishingly redeemed by her brillinatly conceived wardrobe."

Imagine then what occurs when a superbly executed doll like JAMIEshow's J'adore Gene does the modeling? Fireworks. Created by fashion maven Liz Cole for Retros, this unabashedly vintage fashion is all dramour!
dram  our
 1. the exquisite and rare libation born of drama and glamour that makes certain people special.


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