Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bubbles and Baubles

Wintry November days call for an urgent dose of beauty and glamour. And who best to provide the much needed treatment than Lilli Lalka? Her plan: a very warm bath, new lingerie, a gift of jewelry and another one of art.

After an only-for-me-bubble-bath and perfumed powder session, Lalka models black underwear and a cozy terry cloth bathrobe by Liz Cole for Retros in front of her latest fine art acquisition by David Montreal for MadebyMeeee. Later, she tries on her latest gift: rhinestones and pearls transformed as only Joy Jarred can. Lilli Lalka's room is beautifully furnished by Darren Cole also for Retros.

Her make-up? British doll genius Julian Kalinowski gives Lilli Lalka a seductive look complete with individually painted lashes and super rich crème lipstick finished with a thick application of crystal gloss. Devastatingly Kalinowski.

Lilli Lalka by Julian Kalinowski poses for our cameras with her unique brand of coquettishness.


  1. Hello from Spain: I love this room. The bathrobe is very warm. The jewels are breathtaking. Keep in touch

  2. I like the doll and her beautiful jewelry

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