Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wrapping Things Up

Dolldom celebrates the turban once again and just in time for fall. As days turns colder and the autumnal winds threaten to turn the carefree hairstyles of summer into untidy bird nests, the trustworthy turban comes to save the day.

Not new to the world of beauty and fashion, the turban has enjoyed a strong fan base amongst the world's most legendary faces. And really, how could they not partake of such a wonder? Eliminate all hirsute artifice and place a spotlight on the face. As Norma Desmond so aptly uttered in her elegant delusion: "And now Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up!


Reproduction Fashion Queen sports shantung turban by Liz Cole for Retros.

    Gay Carrington also enjoys the practical luxury of a 
    silk turban by Liz Cole.

    The turban, chez Dior.

   Greta Garbo and a simple white head wrap. Like air and water.
   The world needs nothing else.

    Norma Desmon, played beautifully by Gloria Swanson,
    means business in her leopard print turban and matching suit.

 The magnificent Carmen Miranda made it a way of life.
    And Dolldom darling Joan Crawford by Tonner Doll Company
    follows suit.

    In life outside the realm of Dolldom, JC wore plenty of
    pretty bejeweled turbans.

    So did the magnificent Marlene Dietrich,

    the intelligent Heidi Lamar,

    the intensely sexy Lana Turner (wow!), 

    La Liz! (triple wow!),

     cool blonde Sunny Hartnett, and of course...


    Gene Marshall! Mel Odom's beauty has fun wearing
    Liz Cole's unique gown and turban creations,

    as well as a simple black silk wrap with the perfectly tailored
    "Fit for A Queen" suit by Ashton Drake.


  1. I Love This, Ernesto!
    But If I Have Your Permission,You Forgot A Lady Very Important In Holywood And Famous For Create Her Own Turbans:CARMEN MIRANDA "The Brazilian Bombshell".
    She made awesome fashion job creating her jewelry,shoes and lots of turbans.
    She deserve to be included in this beautiful posting...
    Anyway Congratz For This Post!

  2. Hello from Spain: I love this entry in which you make a tribute to the turban. My favorite is Joan Crawford by Tonner. The turban is a very elegant fashion accessory. Keep in touch

  3. Thank you Marta and Ramiro. Ramiro, you are so right! Dolldom apologizes for the omission and has already corrected it. Turbans mean Carmen Miranda who we love for her iconic style.

  4. Hey,Ernesto!
    Thank You!
    Pretty nice see Carmen Miranda among the other DIVAS.
    I just had your comment on your (amazing) page on Facebook,and came for a new visit.
    I don't know if you already have this information,but the brand new "Gold Label" from Mattel has an obvious inspiration on Carmen Miranda...
    Take a look(Barbie Collector Link)!