Monday, July 30, 2012

Blue Skies

Bild Lilli received a gift for her birthday. Her friend Billy Lope (famous WonderBilly) asked Liz Cole to make her this beautiful reproduction of our gal's dirndl using a perfectly scaled vintage print. It's perfect for going to the library to research dolls and clones. Her glasses are Judy Littlechap's and the Kelly Bag-like purse is by DAE Originals for Vivette.


  1. Hello from Spain: This replica is very elegant. I really like the dress she's wearing
    .. I love all the furniture. The dog is very cute. Keep in touch

  2. Thank you, Marta. One table is by Mattel, the small cabinet is vintage for a dollhouse. The dog is Steiff. Thank you again for visiting. Will be in touch.