Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mary Magpie by Joey Versaw

For someone as jaded as this writer, it takes magic and soul to create a doll that moves me. And Mary Magpie by Joey Versaw moves me in so many ways. Mary Magpie combines the play of fashion dolls with the power of engagement of an art object.
Handmade and hand painted by this 21st Century Geppetto,  Mary is sturdy in her construction and undeniably beautiful when displayed. This Mary Magpie, wearing the Dolldom favorite Louise Brooks' bob, is a perfect example of Joey's sensibilities as an artist.
 Mary's profile photo shows her exquisite pout
When compared to several of Joey's other models, it is easy to see the artist's style of painting and also the integration of several references to vintage boudoir dolls.
 Mary arrived at our studios and immediately went to be dressed for her photo portfolio.  But after the commotion, it became clear that Mary looks best in her lovely and very special gown made by Joey.
Mary wears Mark G. Harris' pastel tweed coat, a vintage dress, and a hat by Tess Barton. 

But in true Dolldom style, here is Mary Magpie wearing the deluxe fashions of Liz Cole, Mark G. Harris, and Franklin Lim-Liao.
Mary models a sexy and chic brocade set by Franklin Lim Liao

Joey joins a growing number of artists creating handmade uniqueness that proves to the world yet again that the future of dolls is handmade.
For her Ana May Wong moment, Mary wears a fab qipao by Liz Cole for Retros

Dolldom looks forward to welcoming Mary's friends in the near future. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ivy Jordan, Director

The connection between film and fashion is well exemplified by Miss Ivy Jordan, celebrated director and friend of Miss Gene Marshall. Both visited Dolldom recently and posed for our photographers. Ivy looked smashing in the exotic Mandarin Mood fashion, circa 1946, designed by the über talented Tim Kennedy.
 For this last photo, Ivy chose a recycled mink fur by Liz Cole for Retros and a green silk satin cocktail dress. A strong face and character have made Miss Jordan a force in Hollywood.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Stars Shine Forever

  Gene Marshall, eternal star and style icon makes her Dolldom debut wearing a fabulous cocktail dresses designed by Tim Kennedy and Liz Cole, circa 1956, and a charming wool suit, circa 1948, also by Mr. Kennedy.
 We all agree that it has been too long since Miss Marshall last visited us and we look forward to many more fashion bouquets such as this one. Viva Gene!