Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful Protection

As spring arrives and the sun shines brighter over Dolldom, faces of all colors and genders will be wearing the very best protection against those pesky UV rays. Cris Thorngate beauty maven at Kiehl's recently won us all over with her expert advise on the very latest and most effective sun protection and skin nourishment. Lucky for you, we will share the ingredients of her magic concoction. 
Et voilà la formule: Kiehl's Vital Sun Protection, Crème d' Élégance, and Tinted Moisturizer used together will give you both a natural glow and the peace of mind needed to enjoy the season.
 Barbie uses Tinted Moisturizer in Light and applies it over Crème d' Élégance, her favorite for its super rich and almost buttery goodness that imparts her flawless complexion with a moist finish.
Freundlich applies Vital Sun Protection liberally, then mixes a dollop of Crème with three drops of Tinted Moisturizer in Light on the palms of his hands and then massages the balm all over his rugged face.
 Bambola mixes the three magic potions to save time and then applies, letting its rich emollients pamper her skin before doing her eyes and lips.

We know that you will agree that this skincare combo does give our fab models that sexy natural glow, even after stressful days and playful nights.

For personalized care and great tips visit Cris at Kiehl's.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dolldom's Doll of Fame Goes to Greta Garbo

Few flesh and blood faces mesmerize the way Greta Garbo does.
 For such an achievement, Dolldom honors her beauty and her legacy of unforgettable performances in some of the world's best films, many of them made great simply by her presence.
Be it in caricatures by Nino Za or in photos by her favorite photographer, Clarence Sinclair Bull, Garbo is a perfect doll.